Twins should also be in contact with other children

Twins should also be in contact with other children / Health News
Separate closely connected couples
Twins usually have a particularly close bond. Often one experiences younger pairs of twins, who are dressed the same from head to toe and do not take one step without the other. This inseparability often poses a problem for twin parents, because when, for example, only one child is ill, the other does not want to go to school. In order to enable twins healthy development, parents should therefore pay attention to the contact with other children and occasionally "separate" the couple for a short time..
Parents often face challenges
They are like one egg the other: twins usually have a very close relationship and are inseparable. Especially when the children are even smaller, attention is often paid to identical clothing and the same toy and every step is made as common as possible. A real challenge for many parents, because the one twin has e.g. Abdominal pain, the other often does not want to do gymnastics.

Bring twins together with other children. Image: konradbak - fotolia

Separate groups are not always useful
In many cases, it becomes particularly difficult when it comes to the question, "Should the children be separated in the kindergarten or elementary school?" However, this is not necessarily the best solution in the kindergarten, according to Ulric Ritzer-Sachs from the online counseling service Federal Conference for Educational Counseling (bke) in conversation with the news agency "dpa". Other experts also assume that "tearing apart" is not always good for the children, because the separation can also take their usual safety away.

According to Ritzer-Sachs, at the latest at the end of elementary school, however, consideration should be given to whether the children should continue to perform in a "double pack" or better continue learning separately. "Twins are a power in the class," says the expert. Parents should therefore think together with the children about whether this would be beneficial or whether they would not be better that they are perceived as an individual and take things alone in the hand.

Separate children by the hour
It is important in general to make sure that the twins also have contact with other children, advises Ritzer-Sachs. In addition, it is recommended that the two are sometimes separated for short periods, e.g. one child goes shopping with the father and the other stays home with the mother. "You can live up to different inclinations, even if you do something with yourself," says Ritzer-Sachs. If there is protest at first here, parents should not let themselves be confused, because as a rule, the separation for the children after a short time in order. (No)