For grilling, do not use methylated spirits

For grilling, do not use methylated spirits / Health News

Do not use methylated spirits to grill


In many cases, out of dangerous ignorance, fire accelerators are used. Because when grilling the charcoal should quickly be burning hot. It is completely wrong to use accelerators like alcohol. These spoil the taste of grilled food and are dangerous for your health. Better are so-called priming aids, as they are commercially available. The Hamburg action advises „The safe house“.

Methylated spirits should be taboo when igniting charcoal grills. This also applies to other fuel elements such as gasoline, turpentine or petroleum. "Methylated spirits, gasoline, turpentine or petroleum should not be used to ignite the barbecue," warns DSH Managing Director Dr. Ing. Susanne Woelk. „When these substances evaporate, a highly explosive, combustible gas-air mixture in the form of a bell with a diameter of up to three meters is created.“ When igniting the charcoal it can then come to a deflagration, which can cause severe burns. If you pour directly into the embers or into the fire, the fuel can also be torn out of the hand by the flashback. It threatens a flame inferno. Heavy burns are the result in the worst case.

Therefore, who grills, should use the best ignition aids, so-called priming cubes, to bring the charcoal to glow. These can ignite the fire without fizzling or exploding. In addition, they contain less pollutants and leave no taste in the food. „The igniter should be kept out of the reach of children and must be completely burned before placing the food. An indication of safe quality, tested by a recognized testing laboratory, is the test and supervisory symbol DIN EN 1860-3 with the symbol DIN CERTCO.“ (Sb)

Image: Klaus Steves