To protect the vitamins baby porridge do not boil

To protect the vitamins baby porridge do not boil / Health News

Preserve vitamins by slow heating


When preparing baby porridge, parents should make sure that it is heated slowly - because too much heating could, according to the network „Healthy in life“ the valuable vitamins in food are destroyed.

At the latest from the beginning of the 7th month of life, put in bread meals
At the latest from the beginning of the 7th month of life, babies should be gradually accustomed to eating bread according to the initiative "Healthy Living - Network Young Family" of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Whether the porridge itself is cooked or comes out of the glass, according to the experts is not crucial - but it is important that it is warmed up in a water bath or in the microwave only carefully, „to better preserve the vitamins it contains“, said Prof. Hildegard Przyrembel, pediatrician in the network Gesund in Leben opposite the news agency „dpa“.

Careful stirring particularly important
According to Przyrembel, it is also important that the porridge be carefully stirred before the meal, otherwise the child could quickly burn his tongue. Especially when heating in the microwave this is urgently needed because the porridge is heated unevenly here - so the porridge so on the surface can still be lukewarm, while the lower layer is already simmering. Therefore, the network recommends „Healthy in life“, with a spoon on the inside of the forearm to test whether the baby porridge is lukewarm and therefore suitable for feeding. If so, the porridge should be fed immediately and leftovers disposed of.

Babies get used to new foods step by step
Generally speaking, at the pulp launch, according to the initiative „Healthy in life“ be taken to ensure that parents slowly bring their baby into the „Food Neuland“ introduce, because „it takes awhile to get used to the new food and to change its digestion“. Therefore, on the recommendation of the Network, a milk meal per month should be replaced with a porridge and the ingredients gradually added to it in order to better identify any incompatibilities. (No)

Picture: Helene Souza