At Easter, the 40-day Lent ends

At Easter, the 40-day Lent ends / Health News

At Easter, the 40-day Lent ends


On Holy Saturday ended the 40-day Christian Lent. Anyone who has followed the religious rules since Ash Wednesday knows what renunciation means. Even after the 40 days and regardless of belief, there are plenty of reasons to be measured.

At Easter, the Christian Lent ends
On the Easter weekend, Christian Lent ends for millions of believers. On Holy Saturday are the 40 days that began on Ash Wednesday. Those who have followed the religious rules in time know what renunciation means. There are also reasons for fasting regardless of faith and the prescribed times. Thus, the measures are not only suitable for people who want to lose weight, but also for certain diseases.

Reasonable motives for healthy fasting
Since obesity and obesity are common causes of illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, it is especially sensible for people who put too much weight on their scales. But for all other people there are reasonable motives to take time for healthy fasting and detoxification. For example, it offers the fasting, a recognized natural healing process, which should prevent and cure diseases. This method, which is often offered in special fasting clinics, is used in a wide variety of diseases such as joint diseases, skin diseases, allergies, infectiousness, indigestion, obesity, hypertension or circulatory disorders. (Ad)