Dentist appointments do not endanger dental treatments

Dentist appointments do not endanger dental treatments / Health News

In the opinion of health insurance dentist treatments are not endangered. The doctors are obliged to refuse patients. Dental treatments will continue as normal until the end of the year.

(02.11.2010) „No more dentist treatments this year“, that was on the front pages of the different magazines to read today. We also published the indication that there could possibly be a shift in the dental appointments. But experts of health insurance and political leaders say clearly „No!“. A refusal of dental treatment would be against the law. Noting that dental patients may no longer receive dental treatment is a campaign by dentist representatives to demand higher budgets from health insurers. At any rate, this is the opinion of the cashier representatives.

Become cash patients to the ball of dentists and health insurance companies?
Are cash patients now a plaything for doctors and health insurance companies? In the course of the day, numerous media published the horror message in the health system: Dentist treatments may have to be postponed to the next year, because the budgets of some public health insurance funds have been used up. Above all, the reported „bild newspaper“, that by the end of the year no dentist appointments will be granted to some patients. Only emergencies, ie patients suffering from acute toothache or inflammation, are treated. All other treatments would pay the dentists quasi out of pocket. In particular, insured persons of the AOK Berlin-Brandenburg are affected. The online edition of the Bildzeitung had referred to the reporting on the Dentists' Association (KZBV). Its chairman, Jürgen Fedderwitz, had compared to the online edition of the image expressed that the budgets are already used up in many cases.

Potentially millions of people insured under the law are affected, the media reported. "It can be tight with the stamp for the bonus book," said Fedderwitz also the news agency DPA. From this daring statement numerous media now concluded that the dentist treatment for many health insurance is acutely endangered. Although it is reasonable to assume that some dental practices prefer to refer cash patients to the next year because of a budget overrun, what should the dentists do in the meantime? Turn the thumb? Wait, drink tea and violate the supply law?

Rejection of patients is illegal
The health insurance companies contradict such a representation. Because if dentists actually refused treatments this year, they would break the law. "That would be illegal," said an IKK spokesman for the online edition of the magazine „star“. For political reasons, doctors are not likely to close their practice. "Physicians are not allowed to close their practices for fee-political reasons." They are contractual partners of the health insurance and that all year round "said the cash-speaker further.

State Secretary for Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) also clearly stated that all physicians are obliged to treat their patients comprehensively and adequately. The Federal Dentists Association is also required by law to ensure the treatment of patients by the dentists. Also a spokeswoman of the top federation of the legal health insurance companies (GKV) made clear that dentists offend against the law, if they rejected treatments.

Dentists refuse dental treatment
Whether dentists for political reasons actually refuse to perform medical treatments, is almost impossible. Here, a problem was actually blown up, that it does not exist in reality. "We know of no cases so far," it says at the IKK. Also one would have so far no exceeding of the budget determined. In the minership, however, it was also surprised. A spokeswoman said that only one complaint had been received.“From a mass problem can be really no question here. ", The Kassensprecherin opposite said „star“. Also, the AOK confirmed that so far not a single case was known in which a doctor refused to make a treatment and instead moved the appointment in the next year. „The dentists apparently continue to treat normally“, so the AOK Berlin-Brandenburg.

Preventive examination continues to continue
Even preventive examinations are to be carried out this year. „Of course, check-ups will be carried out later this year“ such a spokesman of the Dentists Association. In addition, it was made clear that only relocatable treatments in individual cases will be moved to the next year, „if you can answer for that, "said Günther Buchholz „“. Emergencies and acute care and larger-scale care are excluded. After all, one would not want to be held responsible for the fact that cash patients suffer financial disadvantages if there were gaps in the bonus booklets. Obviously, Dentist Association is trying to smooth the waves again after the outcry was great.

How did it come to this excitement??
But how could all this fuss come about? According to an AOK spokeswoman, this is an initiative of the „Dentists lobby“ in the course of the planned health care reform. While doctors and clinics can look forward to fee increases, the dentists go out empty-handed. „Only the dentists have not gotten off the cake yet, "said the AOK representative, but the note also indicates that dentists' associations are now trying to negotiate higher fees for their doctors, and it was not until the weekend that the health insurance companies had strongly criticized rising medical fees.

Dentists keep on treating normally
However, it is not known that dentists are currently on such „strength measurement“ Patients can be reassured. According to the health insurance companies, the doctors on site are very reasonable. After all, the doctors do not want to scare their own patients and obviously hold out the political dispute over higher medical fees from the dental offices. For the health insurance companies this means preparing for further negotiations with medical representatives. Higher doctor fees could lead to further additional contributions, but not to a refusal of dental treatment. (Sb)

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Picture: Harry Hautumm