Zahnarztpfusch Thousands of patients to the HIV test

Zahnarztpfusch Thousands of patients to the HIV test / Health News

Thousands of patients of a US dentist have to go to the HIV test


A US dentist infected patients with hepatitis and HIV. More than 7,000 patients have been asked by the health authorities in writing for a free hepatitis and HIV test. In the dental offices of Dr. Ing. Scott Harrington, the hygiene was apparently massively neglected. There are also other allegations regarding the use of drugs and the execution of sedation.

More than 7,000 patients in the US are required to undergo hepatitis and HIV testing because the dentist's practices have not complied with the prescribed hygiene and safety regulations. The victims were in the „Dr. Scott Harrington Oral and Facial Surgery“-Oklahoma state hospitals are handling unclean instruments and insecure procedures, according to the newsmagazine „USA Today“ on Friday.

One patient has been proven to be infected with hepatitis and HIV
Numerous allegations are currently being made in the US media against the hospitals of Dr. Ing. Scott Harrington, however, the possible infection of patients with HIV and hepatitis is due to the far-reaching consequences of the most serious. In addition, according to media reports, the medical practices reportedly used "medicines without the necessary authorization". Apparently, sedation was performed by personnel, which they were not allowed to perform independently. More than 7,000 patients have been proven in the dental practices of Dr. med. Harrington should now undergo a free hepatitis and HIV test „USA Today“. "We noticed the abuses in the clinics, as in a patient without any risk factors suddenly hepatitis C and HIV was detected." The research showed that "as the cause of this only the dental treatment of the patient in the clinics of Dr. Harrington came into question". In the practices of the accused dentist also numerous patients with HIV and hepatitis are provided with dentistry.

Unclean instruments and poor hygiene
The instruments used in the dental surgeries showed rust residues and the sterilization was not sufficiently maintained, so the current state of knowledge. Dr. Tulsa (Oklahoma) has been working for over 30 years. Harrington has „Having returned his license, his two clinics in Tulsa voluntarily closed down and collaborated with the health authorities“, cited „USA Today“ the spokesperson for the Tulsa Health Department, Kaitlin Snider. On April 19, a hearing of the dentist is planned. Director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, Susan Roger, elaborated on the reported grievances in an interview with the news magazine, stressing: „The condition of the instruments was horrible, I would not even let my nephews play with them outside in the dirt.“ The drastic formulation makes clear which conditions in the clinics of Dr. med. Harrington have prevailed.

Dental practices closed due to allegations
On March 20, Harrington closed his practice after the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry filed a 17-point indictment against him and named him „Threat to public health“ had called, since he the „Dentistry in an unsafe or unsanitary manner“ performers. Also, the US Department of Health „Centers for Disease Control and Prevention“ (CDC) has meanwhile turned on and reviews the allegations. (Fp)

Image: Michael Horn