Dentist pulled teeth without present indicators?

Dentist pulled teeth without present indicators? / Health News

A Hamburg dentist pulled teeth to enrich themselves financially?


According to reports of the investigating authorities, a Hamburg dentist has apparently grossly neglected to treat at least 30 patients. A spokesman for the public prosecutor's office Hamburg confirmed an initiated procedure: "We conduct preliminary proceedings on suspicion of negligent assault and also on charges of fraud". The investigators have filed numerous criminal charges, they now want to pursue the suspicion. Already in May last year, a former patient had filed a criminal complaint.

The doctor is accused of having treated at least 30 patients wrong. So the doctor is said to have removed teeth, among other things, although from a medical point of view, there was no need. In at least two cases, the resident physician should have even broken out parts of the jawbone. Some of the patients had suffered considerable pain after treatment.

Patients should pay private bills
In order to secure the fee, the dentist had his victims sign forms in which the patients undertook to pay the treatment costs themselves, if the health insurance would refuse. Because the doctor according to a newspaper report has no financial means, the victims have so far received no compensation payments.

Dentists show shocked
At the Hamburg Dentists' Chamber, people were shocked by their colleagues. Such a case has never been experienced in Hamburg, said a spokesman. Numerous victims had already complained about the dentist. Compared to the „Hamburger Abendblatt“ presumed the medical lawyer Hundt Neumann, the doctor was pure „greed“ traded. „The victims face a hopeless situation "because the doctor pretends to be destitute. It is certain that there will soon be a main negotiation. (Sb)

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