Dentist withdrew 11 teeth without consent

Dentist withdrew 11 teeth without consent / Health News

Dentist in the provincial court: Teeth pulled without medical necessity?


Next Thursday, a dentist has to answer to the Stendaler district court. The doctor from Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt had pulled a patient's teeth in April 2010 in the lower jaw and in the upper jaw. The patient had given no information according to their own data. Also, the district court had already ruled that there was no medical need for this procedure.

Teeth pulled without medical necessity?
In front of the district court starts next Thursday, a case against a Havelberger dentist. This is accused of having pulled numerous teeth of a patient, without that they have given their consent for this. In addition, the lower court had ruled that the intervention was not a medical necessity. As a result, the judges sentenced the dentist to a jail term of one year and three months, as well as a two-year ban on the profession, a spokeswoman for the district court said. Against this decisive, the 42-year-old man now appealed before the Stendal Regional Court. For the trial, the court has initially set four trial days.

Another case of tooth pulling
In another case, a dentist failed to get his doctor's license during the month. The doctor, who was convicted of a personal injury but failed with his request before the Administrative Court Magdeburg. The court dismissed the lawsuit against the Landesverwaltungsamt Sachsen-Anhalt and thus confirmed the withdrawal of the license to practice medicine. The defendant was also sentenced to eight months in prison. The physician had pulled a patient under general anesthesia without sufficient findings twenty teeth. Asked whether the procedure should take place in this form, had the physician not. In addition, the dentist had to pay a fine by penalty order due to the violation of the Narcotics Act. „The judgment is not final“, as a court spokesman stressed.

The spokesman of the administrative court is not allowed to say whether there is a connection between the two cases. „This is subject to privacy“. (Sb)

Picture: Karl-Heinz Laube