Dentist always let wisdom teeth pull?

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Wisdom teeth surgery: Pain is not always an indication


At a young age, the question often arises as to whether wisdom teeth should be removed from patients or not. Some time ago, according to some experts, it was obsolete to do a wisdom tooth operation in any case. However, this position has - as already reported - put into perspective. Numerous requests to the editors have shown that there is a great deal of uncertainty on this topic. Amateur portals on the Internet often present information that is not medically verified. Experts therefore answers.

For what reasons should a wisdom tooth be removed??
There are many reasons why wisdom tooth removal should be done. In the official and up-to-date information sheet alone, there are at least 13 reasons why it is advisable to remove one or more wisdom teeth. "

Must be in pain?
No, pain alone is not always an indication for removal. Most patients have no pain at all. Many patients notice symptoms that are not always directly related to the wisdom teeth. Or the dentist can recognize by an X-ray that there may be complications soon. These can be, for example, inflammations or impending misalignment of the teeth. But it is also clear, if a wisdom tooth causes acute problems, it usually has to get out. The guideline states: If a patient comes to the doctor with pain, the wisdom teeth should be pulled. Above all, pressure pain on the jaw or jaw pain or inflammation on the surrounding tissue are clear indications. For example, if the last molar tooth hurts, but an examination shows that it is healthy, removing the adjacent wisdom tooth can provide relief. Facial pain that suggests wisdom teeth is another indication of removal. "

Is it true that just a few years ago, wisdom teeth were pulled immediately without any indication??
It may be that there were colleagues who basically wore wisdom teeth. It should be remembered that the timing is very individual. A breakthrough here but does not matter. However, it is better to pull the wisdom teeth at a young age rather than in old age. Patients between the ages of 14 and 25 are the least likely to have complications. "

The patient has to decide immediately?
No. Mostly there is no hurry, unless there are significant symptoms. A second opinion is always a good thing. Because one to two days you are put out of action by the intervention. However, pain relievers do a good job of keeping the pain tolerable. "(Sb)

Picture: Bernd Kasper