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Wuppertal practice Benner Naturopaths / Naturopaths

Wuppertal: Praxis Benner. Klaus J. Benner, Naturopath
Berliner Strasse 125
42275 Wuppertal
Tel: 0202-666615
Mail: [email protected]

Practice Areas: In the immediate vicinity of the Wuppertal landmark, the suspension railway, you will find my practice. Since 1975 I practice here as a naturopath. The spatial design of the practice will provide you with a soothing atmosphere and security, in order to ensure optimal therapy in addition to the professional competence. The main therapeutic areas besides traditional Chinese medicine are the western naturopathy, psychotherapy and environmental medicine. At the same time, health prevention is an essential aspect of my job. In order not to disturb the process of individual treatment, you will find in my practice no rush, no full waiting room and no time trouble. Health and medicine is a very complex topic. So I have in my practice a wide, tailored to your health diagnosis and therapy. At the same time, health care is an essential aspect of my job.

I consider the patient in its entirety and do not reduce it to his illnesses or symptoms. Every human being is genetically and biochemically unique and wants to be treated accordingly. The central theme is the relationship between the health of a person and his diet, his lifestyle and the environmental factors to which he is exposed. In this approach, the development of diseases can be prevented and succeed in chronic diseases, a therapeutic success in collaboration with the patient. Information on the individual naturopathic and alternative healing and diagnostic methods, treatment and health prevention as well as a comprehensive presentation with tips on health maintenance and self-treatment on acupressure, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach flowers, biochemistry, tea preparations, wrapping applications and first aid my website.