Desired appointment to the doctor without waiting a long time

Desired appointment to the doctor without waiting a long time / Health News

With support, get the desired date from the doctor


It can sometimes take a long time for a patient to get an appointment with a specialist. Many do not know that they can get support. In question come for the family doctor and the appointment of the health insurance.

Family doctor ask for support
If a patient needs an appointment with a specialist, it may help to ask his family doctor for help. According to a message from the dpa news agency, Michaela Schwabe of the counseling center Berlin of the Independent Patient Counseling Germany (UPD) explained: „It is good if the general practitioner calls the specialist and makes an appointment.“ This often goes faster with the reference to urgency than if the patient himself tries. As the UPD said a few months ago, it also has the advantage that the family doctor as an expert can better justify why a faster treatment is needed.

Appointment mediation of health insurance companies
One possibility is also the appointment of some major health insurance companies. However, there is one disadvantage: „As a rule, this is not a doctor I can choose“, declared Schwabe. The patient can only specify there, from which discipline he needs a physician, for example a neurologist. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), less than a third (30 percent) of Germans share the view that a central contracting agency, as planned by the Federal Government, could shorten waiting times for medical appointments. Just under three quarters (72 percent) would like to go to their desired doctor.

Many patients wait for weeks for a specialist appointment
In Germany, many patients have to wait more than three weeks for an appointment with the specialist. According to a survey by the KBV research group of more than 6,000 health insured persons last year, waiting times in the East are on average longer than in the West. Moreover, the KBV report stated that private insured tend to get on the train faster. As a UPD spokeswoman said at the time, a doctor could not refuse anyone in acute serious illnesses; however, for example, a patient may be comforted with the common cold and cough habit for the next day if the practice is very full.

Patient should not be put off in case of medical emergency
The UPD reiterates that a practice should not, in principle, relieve a patient in a medical emergency. „An acute patient has the right to be treated the same day or in a timely manner“, so Schwabe. In individual cases, this depends on the severity of the complaints, but the person affected should nevertheless remain persistent. If the condition of the patient permits, it is best to go directly to the practice and stay there until the doctor has examined him.

Advisory service in branches and by telephone
Under a legal mandate, the UPD advises on health and health issues in 21 counseling centers and via a free consultation telephone.

German: 0800 0 11 77 22 (Monday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday to 8 pm)
Turkish: 0800 0 11 77 23 (Monday and Wednesday: 10-12 clock and 15-17 clock)
Russian: 0800 0 11 77 24 (Monday and Wednesday: 10-12 clock and 15-17 clock)
Pharmaceutical consultation: 0800 0 11 77 25 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9-16 clock and Wednesday and Friday from 9-13 clock). (Ad)

Image: Thommy Weiss