Onion chosen as medicinal plant of the year 2015

Onion chosen as medicinal plant of the year 2015 / Health News

Healing effect of the onion against earache and mucous


The onion was declared the medicinal plant of the year 2015. The Naturheilverein Theophrastus wants to draw attention with this choice on the healing effect of the vegetable. Because the onion can be used as juice, tincture, syrup or tea can provide relief for many ailments. Thus, it has an expectorant effect on the bronchi and stimulates the appetite.

Onion has been used for millennia as a vegetable and medicinal plant
The onion has been in use for millennia as a medicinal plant and was already cultivated in ancient Egypt and by the Romans as a spice and vegetable plant. In Germany, the onion belonging to the genus Allium from the family of lily family, since the twelfth century cultivated. It is considered in this country as the most popular vegetables after the tomato. The onion is grown on a total of 9,000 hectares to meet the high demand. On average, every German consumes about seven kilos per year.

Effect of the onion from the perspective of natural medicine
In natural medicine, the onion is a proven remedy for gastrointestinal complaints, earache and age-related vascular changes. As a syrup with sugar and honey it should also act against cough. It is also worth noting that red onions have far more healthy ingredients than yellow or white onions. They are rich in valuable antioxidants, which among other things help in the prevention of some cancers and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, vitamin C, vitamin A, B vitamins and E as well as minerals and trace elements such as potassium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc make the onion a valuable medicinal plant. Their mustard oils have an antibacterial effect and promote digestion. (Ag)

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