Second high school diploma doctor remains impunity

Second high school diploma doctor remains impunity / Health News

Penalty free bet: Ophthalmologist makes second Abi


An ophthalmologist need not fear criminal consequences for an unusual bet. He graduated from high school 37 years later.

Pub bet with friends
The Düsseldorfer Ophthalmologist Eckhard Roth had agreed to an unusual bar bet with friends. After graduating from the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf in 1976, he graduated 37 years later and passed his exams. He had declared: „We sat together with old schoolmates and were in a beer mood.“ As announced on Friday, he has to fear no criminal consequences.

No offense recognizable
A spokesperson for the prosecutor told the dpa news agency that the case had been thoroughly investigated and stated: „There is no crime and therefore there is no reason for investigation.“ The prosecution was switched on by the Düsseldorf district government.

Fun free district government
Roth, Doctor of Medicine and Physics, who also owns a mathematics diploma, had reacted calmly to the criminal examination: „They can check everything, I have no problem with that.“ He had also meant about the step of the district government: „They are a bit fun.“

Ophthalmologist has reported himself
The authority had argued that the Abitur may be filed only once. The ophthalmologist had therefore applied as an alleged ship's cook on a cruise ship with a fake CV and thus swallowed his admission to the tests. He did not mention his successful medical studies in it. After these backgrounds became known, the district government had reclaimed the high school diploma. „A central register for passed exams does not exist“, as a district government spokesman explained. Therefore, employees only followed the case when the ophthalmologist had reported himself. (Ad)

Picture: S. Hofschlaeger