Two hours of screaming a day in babies normal

Two hours of screaming a day in babies normal / Health News


So-called writing-babies are often a major stress test for parents, especially since they often do not know why the offspring is complaining so loudly. But not every baby that often cries for a longer time a day for a long time, is from a medical point of view to assess as a writing baby, so the latest release of the Professional Association of Paediatricians (BVKJ).

As the Association of Paediatricians reports on the basis of an Australian study, many parents are mistakenly convinced to have a screaming child. Although screaming and crying can become a psychological burden even for a short period of time, babies do not count as babies until they have „daily more than three hours on at least three days of the week for more than three weeks for unexplained reasons“ shout, explained Dr. Monika Niehaus, pediatrician in Weimar and press spokeswoman of the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) in Thuringia.

Two hours of screaming in the first weeks of life normal
On the other hand, cries of two hours a day in babies in the first weeks of life is quite normal and no cause for concern, according to the BVKJ. If the infants actually cry for about three hours or more a day, can hardly be calmed down and there are any problems with breastfeeding or sleep, the expert advises BVKJ to seek help from the pediatrician, not least to identify possible causes of the crying cramps , If the parents feel overwhelmed by the constant crying of the child, they should also seek early medical help, „overwhelmed parents tend to act wrongly, and there is a risk that they will shake the infant, for example, which can lead to life-threatening damage“, warns Monika Niehaus.

With age, the baby's crying cramps are reduced
According to the experts, the cause of the constant crying of the writing babies is probably a regulatory disorder that prevents the babies from calming down to their own age. However, other factors may also play a role. Here help „Children and juvenile doctor, feeding and breastfeeding problems or an overworked digestion to uncover and knows where parents receive in-depth advice“, stressed the press spokeswoman BVKJ in Thuringia. The metastudy of Australian researchers has shown that some methods can be quite helpful against the constant crying cramps of the offspring. Here, for example, to mention feeding at the baby's first signs of disapproval, but also a lot of skin contact could reduce the crying, explained Dr. med. Monika Niehaus. Children who are already caught in a crutch should, according to the expert, be held steady in their arms until they are ready to drink. With the increasing age of the offspring, the screaming goes back and reduces to an average of 70 minutes per day in babies between the ages of ten and twelve weeks, Dr. Niehaus. From the age of five months, the constant screaming is at one „healthy“ Neuronal maturation then usually overcome, so the expert of the professional association of children and adolescents on. (Fp)

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