Conditions bad Green demand from cash registers improved aids supply

Conditions bad Green demand from cash registers improved aids supply / Health News
Green: Health insurance funds must ensure aid supply
As a still unpublished report of the Independent Patient Counseling (UPD) shows, the statutory health insurance in Germany hinder in many cases, an adequate supply of aids. The Greens call on the Federal Government to act.

No need-based care of the patients
The Greens have accused the statutory health insurance (GKV) in Germany, in many cases, not to ensure adequate care of patients with medical devices. "Especially insured with chronic diseases or the disabled are dependent on a good aid supply," said the Green Health politician Maria Klein-Schmeink to the German Press Agency. According to an as yet unpublished annual report of the Independent Patient Counseling Germany (UPD), health insurance companies often obstruct an adequate supply of aids such as insoles, prostheses or walking aids.

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Applications are rejected flat-rate and delayed for years
In the present dpa "Monitor Patient Counseling 2015" is complained, inter alia, that applications were initially rejected flat rate and then a permit will be delayed up to two years. In addition, the aids often have a poor quality. The health spokeswoman for the Green Party called on the responsible politicians to act: "We expect from the Federal Government concrete measures for quality assurance in the supply of aids, because the conditions for the affected insured are no longer acceptable." Klein-Schmeink added: "It It must not be that payers and service providers realize their respective economic interests at the expense of the insured persons to be provided. "

Cash registers try to save on sick pay
In addition, the politician criticized attempts by the health insurance funds to save sickness benefit for patients. "Sick pay is a social right to cover the livelihood during the illness phase. It is no blessing that the health insurance companies can freely choose according to the cash situation. "According to them, the additional contributions introduced by the black-and-red government at the beginning of the year, which are intended to stimulate competition between the health insurance companies, are causing disincentives to be borne by the patients. Apparently not all health insurance companies are satisfied with the situation. For example, DAK Gesundheit recently advocated a realignment of the health insurance competition, which should bring more quality and efficiency in the care of the insured.

Patients are pressured
According to the UPD Monitor, the most important issue in the past reporting year was the question of claims against health insurance companies in providing advice. This was the topic in 29,000 of the more than 80,000 conversations. As in previous years, numerous patients again felt pressured by the "sick pay case managers" of the health insurance funds. The case management intended as support leads to uncertainties and fears among those affected. "To put the insured under pressure, especially in people with mental illnesses little effective," wrote the authors of the report. In addition, it has already been criticized in the past that the health insurances are increasingly using external consultants for the mentally ill. Some of these service providers praise themselves to the coffers so that mentally ill people back into the job and thus get out of the sick pay.

"Problems in Health Care"
The evaluations of the current monitor would, according to information, largely confirm the results of the previous years 2013 and 2014. The report states: "This is confirmation of UPD's indications of certain health problems." Unfortunately, the various points of criticism are not new. For example, the dpa, citing figures from the Medical Service of the Health Insurance (MDK), had already reported years ago that hundreds of thousands of health insured received negative notices on benefits such as rehabilitation measures, aids or sick pay. Experts warned at the time that the austerity program of the health insurances would be at the expense of the patients. (Ad)