Supplementary fee over 50 Euro expected to double the cash contributions

Supplementary fee over 50 Euro expected to double the cash contributions / Health News
Experts expect enormous increase in health insurance contributions
The statutory health insurance plan drastic increases in their contributions. According to some experts, the additional contribution of an average-earning employee could double in the next year.

Expenditures are rising faster than revenues
The statutory health insurance in Germany is becoming more expensive. Just recently, the head of the GKV umbrella association, Doris Pfeiffer, stated in a statement: "We have the reality that there will be increasing additional contributions in the next few years." The increase in contributions is partly due to medical and hospital reforms, Similarly, the coffers would receive too little money for Hartz IV recipients, so Pfeiffer. "Expenditures continue to rise far more than revenues," said the head of the association.

Experts assume that the health insurance contributions will increase drastically. In the coming years, the additional contribution could more than double. (Image: Karola Warsinsky /

Additional contributions could be higher than expected
It has been known for some time that statutory health insurances will increase their contributions. According to experts, the additional contributions in the statutory health insurance (SHI) could, however, in future be much higher than previously expected. According to a report by health economist Jürgen Wasem of the University of Duisburg-Essen, the average additional contribution could increase from 1.1 percent today to 2.4 percent in 2020, according to Spiegel Online. This would be much more than the statutory funds themselves expect.

Model with additional contributions classified as nonsensical
Until now, the GKV expects the additional contribution to increase to an average of 1.8 percent by 2019. The statutory cash contribution has been 14.6 percent of the gross monthly income since the decision of the grand coalition of the Union and the SPD, of which employers and employees each pay half. The variable additional contribution, which is determined individually by the respective fund, must be borne by the members alone.

In the case of overspending, as a rule, only the additional contributions and thus the burdens of the employees increase. Even some health insurance companies criticize this model. So the DAK boss had classified the additional contribution as nonsensical. This leads to a senseless price competition and creeping "withdrawal of employers from financial responsibility".

Reforms have increased costs
Expenditure by public health funds has been rising faster than revenue for years, despite health fund allocations. The head of the GKV-Spitzenverbandes, Doris Pfeiffer, said according to the magazine: "The reforms of recent years have not dealt with savings, but increased costs."

Just recently, plans were announced by the black-and-red federal government, according to which the health insurance funds should receive additional billions in the election year.

Additional contribution of over 50 euros
According to Wasem's calculations, an average earner pays an average of € 21,76 per month for a contributory income of € 1,960 this year. By 2020, the contribution could more than double. With a median income of 2.261 euros then 54.74 euros additional contribution could be due.

Experts for a fairer distribution of costs
The Left Party warned that the additional contributions for health insurance in the coming years threatened to explode. "The federal government drives the public health care in front of the wall," criticized the party chairman Bernd Riexinger. A communication says: "The additional contributions of the health insurance, which are shouldered so far only by the insured, must be cofinanced in equal parts by the employer." Riexinger again campaigned for the citizens' insurance, in which all should pay.

Also the social association Germany (SoVD) demanded a fair distribution of costs. "The legislator must intervene in order, if necessary, to curb today's forecast increase in additional contributions for the insured. The current figures again show the urgent need for action. If employers are not soon obliged to handle the cost explosion together with the insured, this will result in a profound justice gap, "said Association President Adolf Bauer. (Ad)