Increasing Nightmare Scabies Better scratching with blood than severe itching

Increasing Nightmare Scabies Better scratching with blood than severe itching / Health News

Itching skin disease: Scabies should be treated as soon as possible

Anyone who thinks of scabies probably thinks that it has long been eradicated. But Sabine S. had a different experience: "Nobody knew what we could have". The entire family was affected. "During the night, we scratched our skin to stop the itching and instead put on more bearable pain! It was unbearable. " The disease is caused by the itch mite. If you suspect that the tiny parasites have spread on your body, you should see a doctor and get treated quickly.

In recent months, the number of scabies cases in Germany has increased significantly. The danger of becoming infected with the itchy skin disease is great, especially in kindergartens and schools.

Infectious disease was considered extinct

Although Scabbers was considered extinct in this country for a long time, the infectious skin disease had never completely disappeared. More recently, there have been more cases of scabies infections in schools. And just a few months ago, a whole ward had to be closed in a Bonn clinic because of scabies cases. The infectious disease is caused by the itch mite. Anyone who has suspected that the tiny parasites have spread on the body, should see a doctor and get treated quickly.

Scabies is caused by itch mites. Anyone who thinks that the small parasites have spread to one, should consult a doctor and, if necessary, get treated quickly. (Image: thodonal /

Scabies can be transmitted from person to person

As the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) explains on its portal "", the scabies, medically referred to as scabies, is an infectious skin disease caused by the itch mite of humans.

It can be transmitted from person to person, as well as from animal to human and over clothing or objects.

The disease is usually not dangerous, but it is extremely unpleasant for those affected.

Disease sign of scabies

Burning of the skin and itching, which is particularly pronounced in bed warmth, are often the first signs of scabies, according to BZgA.

"The itching can even spread to skin regions that are not directly from
Itching mites are affected, "write the experts on their portal.

Infested areas are therefore mainly interspaces of fingers and toes, wrists, ankles, armpits, elbows, nipples and genitals.

Especially in infants and toddlers, the hairy head, the face as well as the hands and feet can be affected.

In addition, injured skin can ignite purulent by scratching. Prolonged infestation may develop into a large-area itchy rash with pin-sized blisters, reddened raised nodules or pustules in response to the mite excretions.

High risk of infection

The itch mite is particularly easy to spread in kindergartens because there is a close physical contact between children. If the scabies occur in the kindergarten, this must be reported to the health authorities according to the Infection Protection Act.

However, the number of unreported cases is likely to be higher, as it does not affect any affected family members.

"Only when the first symptoms, the parents look up with their offspring the doctor. Affected children are already contagious if the families do not know anything about the infection, "explains Petzold.

"Itch mites can survive for a few days outside the human body and look for a new host during this time," says Petzold.

If suspected to the doctor

Anyone who has the suspicion that scratch mites have spread on the body, should seek medical attention immediately to reduce the risk that other people from the environment will be affected.

As the pharmacy chamber Hesse explains in a message from the news agency dpa, the tiny mites dig tunnels under the skin and therefore can not simply be washed off.

The doctor examines the patient's skin. The physician can usually identify mites under a microscope.

When scabies are actually detected, the doctor usually prescribes a special cream, which is applied to the entire body, and the palms and soles of the feet must not be forgotten.

The face can usually be left out. After about eight to twelve hours, the preparation can be washed off again.

Weeks may pass until the first symptoms appear

Family members should also be examined. Because even if they do not itch with them, they may already be infected.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it can take up to five weeks for the first infestation to appear until the first symptoms appear.

In order to banish itch mites completely from the household, Petzold advises to change clothes and bed linen daily and wash at 60 degrees.

Towels should even be renewed twice a day. Non-washable toys should be packaged airtight for seven to 14 days, preferably in a plastic bag.

It is also sensible to vacuum upholstered furniture and mattresses daily with a powerful vacuum cleaner. (Ad)