Random discovery This ingredient protects against obesity and obesity

Random discovery This ingredient protects against obesity and obesity / Health News

There will soon be an injection for obesity?

Scientists at Yale University in America attempted to breed obese mice for clinical trials. The attempt failed. Instead, the researchers found something much more interesting: they created a mouse that can eat fat without gaining body weight. According to the researchers, the manipulation of two genes makes it possible to modify the lymphatic vessels in such a way that they divert fat molecules.

"We've created a mouse that eats fat but does not get fat," explains Anne Eichmann, a professor of cardiology for cellular and molecular physiology, in a Yale University press release on the study's findings. The research team provided the mice with high-fat food. Instead of putting on fat, mice that lacked the two genes lost fats and did not gain much weight despite a high-fat diet. The research results were recently published in the journal "Science".

Is there an injection that protects against overweight soon? Researchers discovered in mice that an already approved inhibitor, which is used for the treatment of glaucoma, has a fat-repellent effect. (Image: Dmitry Lobanov / fotolia.com)

How come to the fat-defense?

The researchers explain that lipids (ie fats and fat-like substances) in the lymphatic tissue of the intestine are absorbed into the vessels. In most cases, the entry of lipids into the vessels is controlled by slightly penetrating structures. These structures were closed in the genetically modified mice. Thus, the fats were excreted rather than processed by the body.

Genetic modification is not required

In further tests, the scientists found that even a certain inhibitor, which is already used in drugs for glaucoma treatment, triggers this effect. In mice that were not genetically modified, injecting the inhibitor produced the same anti-fatigue effect.

The inhibitor also works in humans?

Eichmann and her team believe that the inhibitor of glaucoma treatment could also be useful against weight gain and obesity in humans. However, the effects on lipid uptake and weight gain must be extensively tested beforehand.

The inhibitor is already used against green star

As the researchers report, the anti-fatigue inhibitor is already used against glaucoma (also known as the green star), where elevated intraocular pressure is considered the main cause. (Vb)