Sugary tangerines promote blood clotting and stimulate the metabolism

Sugary tangerines promote blood clotting and stimulate the metabolism / Health News
Even a tangerine covers almost half of the daily requirement of vitamin C.
They are small, orange and equally popular with children and adults: tangerines. The citrus fruit scores not only because of their delicious taste. Instead, it is especially in winter a particularly important energy supplier. "The vitamin C content of a tangerine alone covers 43 percent of an adult's daily requirement," informs the consumer information service. Also on the blood clotting and thyroid health, the ingredients of mandarin have a positive effect.
Mandarins are only available from October to March
Mandarins are mostly harvested in the fall and are typically available as typical winter fruit only from October to March in the shops. Those who access more often during this time can do their health a great favor. Because the fruits provide plenty of important vitamins and minerals. According to aid, a mandarin already "covers about 43 percent of the daily needs of an adult for vitamin C". This pays off especially in winter, because the vitamin C strengthens the body's immune system and can thus help to get through the cold period without coughing, runny nose or a flu infection.

Extremely healthy and tasty: tangerines. Image: Fontanis - fotolia

Selenium can protect against thyroid inflammation
In addition, the mandarin has the highest content of selenium among all citrus fruits. It is a vital trace element, which the body can not produce itself. Characteristic of selenium are, above all, its strong antioxidant action and its ability to bind heavy metals to itself. As a result, the body cells are protected from free radicals and positively influenced the metabolism and the body's defenses. An adequate supply of selenium accordingly supports health and can be relieved of many illnesses, e.g. thyroiditis ("Hashimoto's thyroiditis"), according to the aid. (No)