Diabetes More and more children are suffering from diabetes

Diabetes More and more children are suffering from diabetes / Health News
Children also develop diabetes - sufferers need a lot of discipline
Several million people in Germany suffer from diabetes. Many children are affected too. Above all, a lot of discipline is required of them. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day health experts want to educate about the disease.
Millions of Germans suffer from diabetes
Diabetes has been increasing strongly in Germany for years. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on November 14, health professionals want to educate about the disease. According to the German Diabetes Association (DDG), there are more than six million people in treatment nationwide. By 2030, it will be eight million. In addition, about one to two million people are affected, in which the metabolic disease has not been diagnosed so far - they therefore remain untreated. The most common type of diabetes is Type 2, which is often caused or promoted by overweight or obesity, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.

More and more children are suffering from diabetes. Image: juan_g_aunion - fotolia

Type 1 especially in children
Type 1 is much rarer. There are more than 300,000 cases of the autoimmune disease in this country. In recent years, however, a significant increase in childhood diabetes has been reported in several countries. Type 1 occurs especially in childhood. The autoimmune disease causes the pancreas does not produce any insulin, without this hormone, the body can not absorb the energy source sugar. For the little ones, the consequences of the disease are particularly stressful. They are severely restricted in their diet and must always have their insulin levels in mind. Even at a young age, they are required to do a lot of discipline in order to lead a normal life with the diagnosis of diabetes. According to experts, around 32,000 adolescents up to the age of 19 have diabetes type 1 in Germany.

Life-threatening consequences
The metabolic disease can have serious consequences: It can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, blindness, foot amputation, kidney failure. In 2013, 24,257 people died of diabetes, reported the DDG expert Eva-Maria Fach in a message from the news agency dpa , According to the spokesman of the AG Pediatric Diabetology of the DDG, Ralph Ziegler, are predominantly "people in the advancing age" affected. In young patients, there is a risk of hypoglycaemia, which can lead to unconsciousness.

Researchers are working on a vaccine
Several German research institutes and universities are currently working hard on a vaccine against type 1 diabetes. And Austrian scientists reported a few weeks ago that they were able to achieve success for the first time with a newly developed artificial pancreas, the future patients with type 1 diabetes the annoying procedure of measuring and calculating the blood sugar level could save and prevent incorrect insulin administration. Currently, those affected still need to inject insulin regularly.

Prevention through a healthy diet
This year, World Diabetes Day puts nutrition at the heart of the chronic disease. According to DDG data, type 2 could help healthy eating and exercise to prevent and treat diabetes. And with type 1, both are at least helpful. "Healthy foods should be cheap, unhealthy ones like sweets more expensive," said Ziegler. Experts have been discussing possible diabetes prevention through higher taxes for years. In some countries, such a "sugar tax" already exists. However, a survey a few months ago revealed that the majority of Germans reject a sugar tax. But it would be important to ban advertising that prizes heavily sugary and "overweight foods". (Ad)