Sugar-free candy for dry mouth

Sugar-free candy for dry mouth / Health News
Sugar-free candies and chewing gum: Counteracting dry mouth
When the mouth is dry and the tongue sticks to the palate, it not only feels uncomfortable, it can also damage your health in the longer term. Among other things, dental problems threaten. With simple aids you can counteract the dry mouth but.

Dry mouth makes chewing and swallowing difficult
A dry mouth is really unpleasant. Too little spit complicates chewing, swallowing and talking and in the long term, dry mouth can lead among other things to dental problems. So if you constantly have a dry mouth, you should counteract as much as possible. The salivation can be stimulated, for example, with sugar-free candies or chewing gum, as the German Green Cross (DGK) advises in a recent report. The fact that this is beneficial for oral hygiene is also shown in a study by British scientists published a few months ago. Accordingly, sugar-free chewing gums protect against tooth decay.

Dry mouth with sugar free candy. Image: Miriam Dörr - fotolia

Ensure adequate fluid intake
Of course you should also make sure to drink enough. Especially recommended are water, unsweetened fruit or herbal teas or highly diluted juice spritzers. However, the experts urge: "Patients with chronic diseases such as heart and kidney problems should first discuss with the attending physician how much liquid they are allowed to drink daily." In natural medicine is also recommended for chewing aromatic spices, such as fennel seeds, to stimulate the salivation.

Dry mouth as a side effect of medication
Sleep with an open mouth, existing underlying diseases, hormonal changes: Dry mouth can have many causes. "Sometimes it occurs when certain medicines need to be taken. The reason: a whole series of drugs can impair the saliva production, "explain the experts of the DGK. These include, for example, some remedies for bladder weakness, antidepressants, sleeping pills and tranquilizers, strong painkillers, antibiotics, or even heart and high blood pressure medications. The experts point out that those affected should not stop suspecting their medication, but should discuss the condition with their doctor instead. (Ad)