Too little vitamin D With the suntan the dose remains crucial

Too little vitamin D With the suntan the dose remains crucial / Health News
Between sunburn and vitamin D deficiency: Always bask in the sun
After the long, gloomy and cold months, there is hardly anything better for many people than finally to get some sun again. However, health experts caution caution here: Excessive UV exposure increases the risk of cancer. On the other hand, too little sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency. So it depends on the right dose.

Spring sunshine is often underestimated
After the long winter months, the sunny days of recent weeks attract many people outdoors. Sun-hungry people should, however, be careful. Especially on the first beautiful days of the year, the strength of the spring sun is easily underestimated, it threatens a sunburn. And this increases the risk of developing cancer. Every sunburn is added to your own skin account, remind dermatologists. Nevertheless, one should not completely avoid the sun. This waiver could otherwise be associated with health problems.

Excessive UV exposure increases the risk of sunburn and thus the risk of skin cancer. Nevertheless, one should not give up the sun. Otherwise there is a threat of vitamin D deficiency. (Image: Jürgen Fälchle /

The importance of vitamin D has long been underestimated
Professor Jörg Reichrath, dermatologist at the University of Saarland, warns in the current issue of the health magazine "Apotheken Umschau" (5/2017 B) against a complete sun-abstinence.

Because this would threaten a lack of vitamin D. Although the important vitamin is also in foods such as fatty fish, mushrooms and eggs, but most of the body produces itself - using the sun.

"The importance of vitamin D has long been underestimated," says Reichrath. A deficiency should be avoided in any case. "Even if you do not feel it," says Professor Christian Kasperk, Metabolic Expert at the University of Heidelberg.

Extended sunbathing is not necessary
Most experts recommend the natural sun rather than taking supplements. Such pills also usually prevent any diseases, as New Zealand scientists found in a study.

To satisfy his need for vitamin D, you do not have to stay in the sun for a long time every day. It is enough to have hands, face and parts of arms and legs irradiated. An extended sunbath is not necessary.

In principle, the sun should have been enjoyed in moderation anyway. As it says in the health magazine UV light stands as a cancer trigger of the danger class 1 on a par with smoking and asbestos.

Especially in the hours before and after their peak you should better avoid the sun. If direct exposure is unavoidable, it is important to use sunscreen or UV-resistant clothing.

Experts recommend that you always follow the UV index for sun protection and that you do not save on creaming. (Ad)