Too little sleep can be like a rush

Too little sleep can be like a rush / Health News

Too little sleep can be like a rush


The nocturnal sleep is essential for the human body. The organism gets so rest and can fight diseases better. Opinions differ widely about the duration of sleep. Albert Einstein used to close his eyes for up to 12 hours, while Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly got along with four hours. How little sleep affects the mind is known in the story of the self-proclaimed soldier-emperor. The fact is that the average person spends one third of his or her life sleeping. Lack of sleep can lead to far-reaching consequences. The mind is limited, which can lead to accidents. Also the health suffers.

Sleep is healthy
„However, sleep is important for your health“ the sleep expert Alfred Wiater told the dpa. For us it should be understood that not only toddlers, but adults also get enough sleep. In Germany there are about 7 million affected people who suffer from sleep disorders. This makes the insomnia, also called agrypnia, insomnia and hyposomnia, a common disease. According to Alfred Wiater, who is chairing the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), more than 50 sleep disorders are described. For example, between three and seven percent of the population suffer from sleep-disordered breathing. This has a negative impact on the cardiovascular system, such as heart attacks, which can even shorten life expectancy.

Noisy state in case of lack of sleep
In acute sleep deprivation, there is an increased risk that the sufferer may suffer from misjudgements of reality. The whole behavior is like the drunkard's intoxication.

According to Wiater, that would be the performance „A person who is awake 24 hours awake with a person who has a blood alcohol level of one per thousand“. That would be sufficient to no longer actively participate in road traffic and could affect important decisions. „A car purchase or signing a loan should always be made rested“, admonishes also an expert of the consumer centers.

Physical damage to body and soul?
Sleep disorders can have long-term consequences in children. In two-thirds of cases, insomnia continues and can lead to significant emotional or learning disabilities. Due to lack of sleep, the sleep hormones Grehlin and Leptin fall off. This can lead to uncontrolled „binge eating“ come. This increases the risk of developing a disease of type II diabetes.

According to one study, one hour of low sleep should increase the body mass index (BMI) by 4.3%. Stress is one of the most common causes of chronic sleep deprivation. Stress reduction can therefore combat sleep deprivation. Likewise, night work and shift work can damage the natural biorhythm. Due to the globalization of life and work activities, a further increase in insomnia is feared.

The recommended sleep dose
The often recommended adult sleep dose is 7 hours. In infants, for comparison, 16-19 hours. Anyone who sleeps soundly therefore lives healthier and is more balanced and less prone to illness. The importance of sleep research is therefore becoming increasingly important. (Bn)