Too much tofu patted 420 kidney stones taken during surgery

Too much tofu patted 420 kidney stones taken during surgery / Health News

Daily tofu on the diet: 420 kidney stones removed in emergency surgery

High meat consumption is unhealthy according to studies and increases the risk of various diseases such as some cancers. More and more consumers are therefore relying on vegetarian alternatives such as soy or seitan. In excess, but can also harm the health. The Chinese also had to learn that he had 420 kidney stones removed in an emergency operation. Cause was probably his high tofu consumption.

High meat consumption favors kidney stones - tofu too
People who eat a lot of red meat are reported to be at higher risk of developing cancer or heart attack. In addition, a meat-rich diet often leads to increased formation of uric acid in the body, which can lead in the long term in some people to kidney stones or gout.

Excessive tofu can promote kidney stones. (Image: Brent Hofacker / fotolia)

Even a vegetarian diet can cause such problems. For example, soy and products made from it have a relatively high purine content. Eating a lot of it can also increase blood uric acid levels and promote the development of gout and kidney stones. A Chinese had to learn this painfully: According to media reports, the 55-year-old was removed 420 kidney stones in an emergency operation. The man was a passionate tofu eater.

Whole bowl full of kidney stones
He Dong regularly ate large amounts of tofu, according to the Chinese news portal People's Daily. When the man from eastern China's Zhejiang Province finally visited Dangyang People's Hospital for severe abdominal pain, the CT scan revealed that the patient's kidneys were full of stones. In a two-hour operation, the doctors finally removed 420 kidney stones. The surgeon who performed the surgery told the news portal, "I've never seen so many stones in my life." A whole bowl came together: green, yellow, big, small.

Tofu is not unhealthy
One of the attending physicians explained that soy products contain a lot of calcium. With increased consumption without sufficient water intake, this can not be excreted by the body. In the case of He Dong, this seems to have been just the problem: on the one hand he consumed a lot of tofu and on the other he took the information according to little liquid to himself. It is said that in the future he wants to eat less of the meat alternative and drink more. But even if the Chinese had bad experiences: Tofu is not an unhealthy food. On the contrary: It is low in calories, high in protein and contains many valuable nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and iron as well as B vitamins and E vitamins. As with so many foods, the rule is: "The quantity matters." (Ad)

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