Too much cola reduces sperm production?

Too much cola reduces sperm production? / Health News
Danish study: Too much cola reduces sperm production?
Although it is well known that cola is not one of the healthiest drinks, a Danish study has produced a surprising and unfortunate result: daily consumption of more than one liter of brown lemonade could negatively impact potency. From 2001 to 2005, the Danish researchers examined a total of 2554 young men, ages 18 and up, as part of the military aptitude test for a link between caffeine consumption and sperm quality. It was found that among the subjects who drank a lot of cola or coffee for a long time, the number of male germ cells was lower than the others.

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A comparison of the two caffeinated drinks also showed that cola was even more harmful than coffee, because the amount of sperm was reduced by the strong consumers by up to 30 percent. This result shows the Danes that there is a reverse proportionality between the quality of the sperm and the amount of cola consumed, or simply stated: more cola equals inferior quality, less or no brown effervescent equally significantly better sperm. It is still unclear for the scientists, however, whether the reduced quality of the germ cells could possibly be caused by a certain component of the cola or possibly also by the diet of the examined men - because it had been shown that those who drank no cola at all generally rather healthy eating habits and some of the strong consumers accordingly instead like to fast food. (Sb)