Too bad to throw away asparagus peels can be used for soup or brew

Too bad to throw away asparagus peels can be used for soup or brew / Health News
As soup or broth: Also use asparagus bowls sensibly
The asparagus season makes the hearts of many hobby cooks beat faster. Hardly any other vegetables are more popular with the Germans. From the delicious bars you can conjure a variety of dishes. The peels and asparagus remnants can also be used for aromatic dishes.

Asparagus: delicious and very healthy
Finally, the asparagus season has begun. Among the German citizens, the noble vegetables are extremely popular. It is not only delicious, but also healthy. For example, asparagus is credited with a positive effect on the nervous system, cell growth (skin, hair) and digestion. In addition, the vegetables contain a variety of valuable vitamins (A, C, B1, B2 and E) as well as minerals and trace elements (iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc). Health experts, for example, recommend the most delicious vegetables for constipation, gallbladder and liver problems, diabetes or bladder problems. A disadvantage: Asparagus consumption leads to foul-smelling urine.

Finally, the asparagus season has started in Germany. The shells and remains of the vegetables can be used for delicious food. (Image: karepa /

Do not throw away shells and leftovers
A classic in Germany is bissfest cooked asparagus with melted butter. Usually come to parsley potatoes and hollandaise sauce. There are many simple asparagus recipes on the internet. According to the news agency dpa, according to the consumer information service, aromatic dishes can also be made from the skins and unused remains of asparagus. Amateur cooks should not throw them away. For example, a bowl, a sauce or asparagus soup can be made from the bowls and asparagus stalks. Or you can cook a brew in which the actual asparagus cooks later, which makes the vegetables taste particularly aromatic. According to the experts, the bowls and ends for the broth should first be boiled for about ten minutes with a pinch of sugar, salt and some butter. Then remove the solid sections and put the peeled asparagus spears into the broth to cook. (Ad)