Dentists A lot of pressure while brushing your teeth is extremely damaging

Dentists A lot of pressure while brushing your teeth is extremely damaging / Health News
Oral hygiene: Do not apply too much pressure when cleaning teeth
Even children are told by the responsible dentist how important tooth brushing is. But even in adulthood there is often uncertainty about how best to care for the biter. It is important, among other things, not to exert too much pressure when brushing.

To prevent tooth decay and toothache
Regular brushing is the most effective way to efficiently prevent tooth decay and prevent gingivitis and toothache. It also depends heavily on the right technology. Shaking and brushing is particularly useful, according to dentists. You should also clean the interdental spaces at least once a day. Furthermore, when brushing it is important not to put too much pressure on the teeth, reported "proDente".

Even small children learn how important regular brushing is. Nevertheless, even adults are often unsure how the biter is best cleaned. Under no circumstances with too much pressure, experts recommend. (Image: Syda Productions /

A slight pressure while brushing is enough
A statement from the initiative "ProDente" states: "The fact is that brushing with too much pressure can damage teeth and gums." The assumption "firm scrubbing brings it" is therefore wrong. Rather, a slight pressure of a maximum of 150 grams is recommended. This pressure can be tested, for example, with a kitchen scale.

It is also important to clean with a system. It is best to start brushing with the occlusal surface and then first clean the outer and then the insides of the teeth. This is also referred to as the so-called "KAI system". "On the chewing surface, but only there, may be scrubbed", so "proDente". According to the experts, it is also important to brush from red to white - from the gums to the tooth. (Ad)