Dentist treatment better in the afternoon

Dentist treatment better in the afternoon / Health News

Dentist appointment better to lay on the afternoon


If one has the opportunity to postpone dentist appointments to the afternoon as a patient, this can contribute to a lesser sense of pain, reports the magazine "Senioren Ratgeber" in its new issue.

Less pain in the afternoon
Many people fear the treatment at the dentist. However, an analgesic effect can be achieved if the appointment is placed in the afternoon hours. This is reported by the pharmacy magazine "Senioren Ratgeber" in issue 3/2011. It would be best to have an appointment at 15 o'clock. Recent pain studies have shown that the human organism also obeys an internal clock in the perception of pain. While the sensation of pain is highest at night, the perception of pain is the least in the afternoon. Around 3 pm, the perception of pain is the least. Therefore, at this time the local anesthesia works best.

Short relaxation for the dentist visit
In addition to the appointment of dentist appointments, relaxation exercises can also be helpful in reducing fears of possibly painful dental treatments. Because fears of pain cause the body to go into a condition of pain maintenance. Expectations usually maximize pain. Patients often experience the pain before the dentist starts treatment. For example, with the breath-counting method, one closes the eyes and with each inhalation counts inwardly from one to ten. Then you count back every time you exhale from ten to one. A second option is the Perceptual Exercise. This relaxation technique can be applied well during treatment. For this one takes a comfortable attitude. Then you close your eyes and travel in thoughts of a particularly beautiful place. One tries to perceive this place with all senses. It makes sense to practice these techniques in advance of a dentist appointment, otherwise there is no relaxation effect. (Sb)

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