Number of organ donors slightly increasing in Germany

Number of organ donors slightly increasing in Germany / Health News
Again more organ donors in Germany

Almost 11,000 seriously ill patients in Germany are currently waiting for a donor organ. For them, the news should give more hope: since the beginning of this year, more organs were donated here in Germany. Experts do not want to talk about a positive trend reversal yet.

Number of organ donors increased in the first quarter
In Germany, according to a message from the news agency dpa, more people donated organs again. The German Foundation for Organ Transplantation (DSO) announced that the number of donors from January to March this year was 242, which is 38 more than in the same period last year. Previously, the news magazine "Focus" reported on it. In the first quarter of 2013 there were therefore 230 willing donors. From January to March 2012, however, the number had been significantly higher at 281.

Still no positive trend reversal
The decline in the number of donors is mainly due to the Göttingen organ donation scandal, which led to manipulation in the allocation of livers. Axel Rahmel, medical director of the foundation, explained: "Also in the relatives discussions there after a temporary decrease again more agreement to the organ donation." But even if affected patients could hope again for an improvement of the situation in view of the rising numbers, from a positive Turnaround be no question.

Expenses drastically lowered
The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), which is mainly responsible for the "open-ended" information on the organ donation since a law reform, has drastically reduced the expenses for posters, cinemas and the like. "While 2013 would have been available for these purposes still 7.4 million euros, for 2015, only 2.5 million euros are provided. The success of the increase in donor numbers should therefore be due to other reasons, such as the newly introduced health insurance letters on this subject, according to the magazine. "

Around 10,600 patients are waiting for a donor organ
Overall, the number of donors in the past year has almost stabilized nationwide at 864. In 2013, s had been 876. As the Eurotransplant Foundation reported, there are currently around 10,600 patients waiting for a donor organ. A survey conducted on behalf of the BZgA revealed that, although 68 percent of Germans agreed to donate their organs after death. But only 28 percent of Germans have an organ donor card. (Ad)

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