Number of measles deaths dropped sharply

Number of measles deaths dropped sharply / Health News

WHO reports fewer measles cases


According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) estimate, measles deaths have fallen sharply and reached a new low. However, WHO is not completely satisfied with the development because too many people are still dying from the virus.

Decline by 78 percent
In 2012, the global number of moscow deaths reached a new low. As the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, this year 122,000 people died of the virus infection. In 2000, there were still 562,400 deaths, which corresponds to a decline of about 78 percent. According to the WHO, the number of measles outbreaks registered worldwide fell by 77 percent during this period. According to the report in her „Weekly Epidemiological Report“ 13.8 million deaths from vaccinations were prevented during this period.

One billion children vaccinated
The drop in numbers is attributable to the very high immunization coverage worldwide. According to a press release, about 84 percent of children in their first year of life received a routine vaccine. In addition, a second dose of vaccine is given to ensure immunity in a total of 145 countries worldwide. In addition to these routine immunizations, more than 145 million children were immunized in mass vaccinations in 2012. Taken together, since 2000, one billion children worldwide have been vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated could not spread the disease any further.

Combined measles mumps vaccine
In Germany you can now vaccinate with a quadruple vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), there were a total of 1772 measles cases nationwide in 2013. For Germany, this represents the strongest wave of illness in seven years. With 790 cases, Bavaria has even reached its highest level since 2002. The reason for this is mainly the vaccine fatigue of some parents. In addition to the typical red patches of skin, measles also causes fever and a very bad and weakened general condition. Measles are not a simple childhood disease, they also affect adults.

Measles eradicated only on the American continent
Although the numbers of reported illnesses are decreasing internationally, there are still countries where this is not or hardly noticeable. In 2012, the Democratic Republic of Congo reported 72,029 cases, India18,668 cases, Indonesia 15,489 and Ukraine 12,746 cases. In five of the six WHO regions (Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean and the West Pacific), measles outbreaks occurred to a greater extent. Measles are considered extinct only in the Americas, but there are also imports of diseases from other regions. Many countries, including Germany, did not reach their vaccination targets at the originally agreed time.

Measles remain a global threat
In 2012, a total of 194 countries approved the Global Vaccine Action Plan to stem measles worldwide. Among other things, this plan envisages a reduction of at least 95 percent in the number of registered mates by the end of 2015. This is based on data from the year 2000. In addition, measles in at least five of the six WHO regions will be eradicated by the end of 2020. 120,000 deaths in a year are still far too much for a disease that could easily be eradicated. The WHO communication does not sound very positive: „Measles remain a global threat.“ (Sb)