Number of dementia deceased deceased doubled in 13 years

Number of dementia deceased deceased doubled in 13 years / Health News
More and more people are suffering from dementia and are dying from the effects
Dementia is a widespread disease among the elderly. However, more and more people seem to suffer from dementia. Researchers have now discovered that the number of deceased people with dementia has doubled in the last 13 years.

Public Health England (PHE) scientists found in an investigation that the number of deceased people with dementia has doubled in the past 13 years. The doctors now published a press release on the results of their investigation.

Dementia usually affects old people. Physicians found that more and more deceased people in the world had previously suffered from dementia. (Image: Ocskay Mark /

More and more deceased suffered from dementia
Recent public health data in England suggest that around 15.8 percent of people with dementia suffered from dementia in 2014. In 2001, this value was still at 6.6 percent. In total, 73,189 death certificates confirmed the statements about 2014, say the authors.

There is a much better understanding of the disease nowadays
In part, the general aging of the population in England is responsible for the findings, the researchers explain. But the increase in dementia is primarily related to a better understanding of dementia and more detailed research options, the scientists speculate. Many people do not know that children can also suffer from dementia. Because the disease is not just a problem for the elderly.

Dementia damages the human brain
There is simply a better understanding of the causes and effects of dementia, say the doctors. The disease causes damage in the human brain. Diseases such as Alzheimer's are also considered to be a cause of death in modern times.

Maybe someday dementia can be stopped someday
Of course, the aging population also plays an important role. The numbers will continue to rise until effective treatment or therapy slows the progression of the disease, the experts explain. Maybe it will eventually be possible to completely defeat the disease.

More and more people are suffering from dementia
In the UK alone, there are an estimated 850,000 people living with dementia. This number is expected to increase to one million by 2025, the researchers explain. Certainly, this trend will affect other countries around the world.

Our understanding of dementia continues to grow
Only eight percent of people with dementia die at home, compared to 21 percent of the population without dementia over the age of 65. In order to improve the quality of life at the end of our lives, we need to determine more precisely under what circumstances people with dementia die and where, how many people with dementia have died of their disease, explain the physicians. The new report from Public Health England is helping to significantly improve understanding of dementia and its impact. (As)