Yoga Now Recognized UN Decides Yoga Day

Yoga Now Recognized UN Decides Yoga Day / Health News

United Nations General Assembly calls 21 June for Yoga Day


Yoga has a positive effect on the body and mind. The traditional Indian combination of physical education and meditation is now being honored by the United Nations (UN) with an International Yoga Day. In future, the 21st of June will be used worldwide to raise awareness of the benefits of yoga.

„I've been practicing yoga for years and it's unbelievable how it has changed my life, "commented Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who helped set up the yoga day. „Yoga is the anchor of my life“, so modes on. By adopting the relevant resolution, the UN General Assembly has called on governments worldwide to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga for health on 21 June each year.

Yoga will change her life
For the head of the Indian government, the fact that 177 countries from all continents have come together to approve the resolution, which makes it very clear „integrative power of yoga.“ With the resolution, yoga could become more meaningful in the everyday lives of many people worldwide. „I ask you all, especially the youth, to use yoga and to practice diligently and regularly“, so modes following the passing of the resolution. „It will really change your life“, the head of the Indian government emphasized further. Yoga incarnate „the unity of mind and body, thinking and acting, restraint and fulfillment, harmony between man and nature.“ Thus, yoga offers a holistic approach for the improvement or maintenance of health and well-being. June 21st was chosen as the International Day of Yoga, as it is the date of one of the two solstices, and the latter has special significance in many parts of the world, Modi explained.

Positive effect on health
In many western industrial nations, yoga is already well known today and especially popular as a relaxation technique. But even with physical ailments, such as back pain, neck tension or headaches, yoga can have a very positive effect. In addition, many symptoms, such as high blood pressure, are related to mental stress or stress. If the stress of yoga can be avoided or reduced more easily, it also helps against the illnesses. (Fp)