Forming anger without swear words Children can learn it

Forming anger without swear words Children can learn it / Health News
Children must learn to express anger without swear words
Young children can not properly control their feelings of strong frustration, fear or anger. When they are badly upset, bad expressions sometimes fall in such situations. But they should not be tolerated. Children should be taught at an early age to abide by certain rules even when they are angry.

Even children should not be allowed in anger
For most people, the right way to deal with emotional outbursts is very difficult. Especially anger is often difficult for many to control. Angry reactions lead to insults or even aggression towards others. But they also harm your own health. Thus, people who are prone to anger attacks, according to experts, an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It is best to start as early as possible to learn how to control anger better and stay calm. However, small children usually can not do this alone. But not everything should be allowed for them.

Children should be able to control their choice of words even in the case of outbursts of anger. (Image: mellevaroy /

Let children understand the meaning of the expressions of force?
Even the little ones sometimes throw around with bad swear words. Although this is normal, but even four-year-olds have to abide by certain rules, said the head of the online consultation of the Federal Conference on Educational Counseling, Maria Große Perdekamp, ​​the news agency dpa. "It is important not to laugh at bad words, even with small children," says the expert's advice. It would be better with sentences like, "It's okay if you're angry - but not so," to respond. In her opinion, one should have the child reflect on one's own behavior, for example by telling him: "Imagine someone saying that to you". Whether one should explain to the child the meaning of such expressions, according to Great Perdekamp depends on the age. For example, a four-year-old can not do anything with the meaning of the word "son of a bitch". So it's better to say, "That's a bad word, and it hurts me to say that to you."

Parents should be role models for their children
In order to prevent anger and stress - which often makes you angry -, parents can practice relaxation with their children. According to experts, this can start at a very young age. In addition, adults should always be a role model for children. They should not use swear words and show their offspring other ways, as can be expressed in frustration and anger. "The feelings should not be suppressed or forbidden, for example, children are allowed to say" I'm really upset because ... ", says the expert. However, the little ones also have to learn to accept some things simply. But if a teenager violently attacks his father or mother in a dispute, explanations in most cases make no sense. Much rather then should be tried to leave the situation at first and say: "Stop, we clarify that later, when we have calmed down." (Ad)