Wonder butt in babys naturopathy can help

Wonder butt in babys naturopathy can help / Health News
Naturopathy recommends for diaper rash and sore buttocks in babies and toddlers: Hygiene on demand and the use of natural materials.

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Conventionally, the cause of diaper dermatitis is often seen in hygiene deficiencies. Thereafter, the metabolites in urine and stool cause the inflammation. More frequent diaper changes with thorough cleaning with the addition of wash gels, ointments and lotions are recommended, in addition, baths with added cleaning solutions should be done regularly.

By contrast, naturopaths in the commonly used "disposable diapers" see a significant factor in the development of dermatitis, because they are made of plastics and therefore represent an ideal milieu for microbes due to the lack of air permeability. In addition, the diapers contain chemical additives, which in turn lead to skin irritation. Naturopaths therefore postulate the use of cloth diapers as a sensible prevention and measure against the annoying skin symptoms in infants. For disinfecting the cloth diapers can be added during the washing process essential oil

The skin should always be cleansed as needed and only with clear water, if necessary also with high-quality cold-pressed oil. Washings and baths with chamomile tea or pansy herb soothe the inflamed skin externally. In the acute state, envelopes with rescue drops, the emergency mixture of Bach flower remedies, can relieve discomfort. Oily ointments should generally be avoided because they can worsen the symptoms. A Bach flower mixture for internal use should be prepared under expert advice, to think of the "cleaning flower" Crab apple, the "defensive flower" Centaury and Impatiens, which is generally considered in inflammation. (Dipl.Päd. J.Viñals Stein, non-medical practitioner)

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