Treat wounds with fresh garlic

Treat wounds with fresh garlic / Health News

Use garlic as a natural remedy for wounds, gingivitis and coughing


Garlic is an ancient natural remedy that was already known to Hippocrates and Dioscorides, who used it as a secret weapon against aging and praised it as a universal source of power. Meanwhile, various scientific studies confirm its high efficacy in severe diseases such as high blood pressure, disorders of the intestinal flora and cough.

Garlic promotes intestinal health
Garlic was already 2000 BC. Known as a tasty spice and is still an integral part of many, especially Mediterranean dishes. In addition to its taste garlic convinced but especially by its ingredients, which is said to have a healing effect. Thus, the medicinal plant in particular affects the intestinal health. Garlic's main ingredient, allicin, has antibacterial properties that, together with various side-effects in the sulfur-containing, essential compounds of garlic oil, potentiate into a natural and effective remedy. Garlic has a detoxifying and calming effect on the intestines, can reduce bloating and promotes a healthy bowel movement. It eliminates parasites and balances the intestinal flora. In addition, the medicinal plant stimulates the digestive glands and the gallbladder, which increasingly release juices and secretions.

Garlic also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, can help to lower blood pressure in hypertension and increases the heartbeat volume. In addition, it should contribute to the dilation of the bronchi and improved oxygenation.

Garlic is suitable for external and internal use
Like the magazine „naturopath“ reported in their latest issue, garlic may be antispasmodic for coughing. For this purpose, mix five crushed garlic cloves with five teaspoons of honey and one quarter of a liter of water. After ten minutes, the liquid can be dispensed and taken teaspoonful.

In addition, the magazine advises to disinfect wounds with a few slices of fresh garlic. Even with gingivitis and the prevention of periodontal disease, the external application of the affected areas is recommended. Also athlete's foot can be treated with the medicinal plant. For this, the affected area should be rubbed twice a day with garlic until the symptoms have disappeared. As the newspaper further informs warts could be fought with a slice of garlic, which acts overnight. (Ag)

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