Two more people died in South Korea at Mers

Two more people died in South Korea at Mers / Health News
Mers outbreak: South Korea reports two more deaths
About a month ago, the first Mers case was registered in South Korea. Now two more people have died of respiratory disease in the East Asian country. Thousands of people are still in quarantine.

Two more deaths by Mers
About one month after the Mers outbreak in South Korea, two more people have died of respiratory disease. The Ministry of Health also announced three new cases on Monday. The dpa news agency reported that two patients over the age of 80 had succumbed to the virus. The number of Mers deaths in the East Asian country increased to 27. The reported deaths and illnesses increased to 172.

Outbreak could last for weeksAccording to the authorities, more than 3,800 people who may have been infected were quarantined on Monday. This number went back by more than 200. The incubation period, ie the period from the infection to the onset of the disease, has not yet been clearly established. Experts estimate that they will last for at least five to six days, with a maximum of two weeks. It has been reported that there have been signs of a decline in the number of confirmed new cases of infection in South Korea in recent days. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) had repeatedly warned that the outbreak could last for several weeks.

From North Korea is reported on a "miracle cure" against Mers
In May, the first Mers case in South Korea was confirmed. As a result, the virus spread rapidly. It is the largest Mers outbreak to date outside the Arabian Peninsula. Like many cold viruses and the Sars pathogen, Mers is one of the coronaviruses. An infection is usually associated with flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, however, can develop pneumonia and it can lead to kidney failure. Especially for weakened and elderly people it can be dangerous. Although a report from the neighboring country North Korea on a "miracle cure" developed there, which could allegedly defeat Mers, Ebola and HIV, was recently reported, experts do not believe that such a remedy actually exists. A specific therapy is not available so far. Doctors can only treat the symptoms. (Ad)