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Too much hard antibiotics prescribed / Health News

Too much antibiotics: Human physicians and veterinarians criticize each other


As we reported yesterday, the use of reserve antibiotics is a major concern for the Central Institute (Zi) of Healthcare Insurance (KV), despite declining prescriptive practices in human medicine, as these drugs are believed to be responsible for the formation of multidrug-resistant bacterial strains. In Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland, however, these drugs would hardly be used on an outpatient basis. "If this works there, that should also work for us," said study leader Jörg Bätzing-Feigenbaum compared to "world". The reserve antibiotics should be "the ultima ratio for severe bacterial infections".

Award in the animal mast should be checked
In connection with the formation of resistant bacterial strains, however, the awarding of antibiotics in the animal fattening by the human medicine in the study of Zi KV is heavily criticized.
In fact, according to information from the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety in 2013 about 15% less antibiotics were given in the veterinary medicine compared to 2011.
At the same time, however, the consumption of so-called reserve antibiotics, which has been criticized by human medicine for the formation of multidrug-resistant germs, has increased.

Therefore, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture wants loud „“ the exclusive right of veterinarians to have antibiotics at the pharmacy monopoly pass directly to farmers to check allowed. According to the ministry's report, the repeal of existing practice would eliminate the financial incentives to sell antibiotics. However, this could be at the expense of animal health through the extended distribution channels.

Veterinarian criticizes prescription behavior of human medicine
The President of the Federation of Practicing Veterinarians (bpt), dr. Hans-Joachim Götz, on the other hand, criticizes the human physicians for pushing the responsibility for antibiotic resistance "with increasing tendency solely to antibiotic use in the animal fattening". "However, the selective pressure caused by the company's own prescribing behavior and the lack of hygiene measures in German hospitals and the spread of resistant bacteria is not mentioned at all," Götz criticizes „“. Furthermore, Götz criticizes the accusation of the German Medical Association that veterinary medicine consumes twice as many antibiotics as human medicine, since the actual consumption of antibiotics in human medicine is not statistically recorded and thus not known (the study of the CI of the CT is based exclusively on the drug prescriptions of the established Doctors, the inpatient consumption is not included, editor's note). "Such a one-sided presentation, which misses necessary measures in its own area and at the same time ignores the current state of science, can no longer be tolerated and ignored by politics," Götz wrote in his letter. However, he also sees that consumption in veterinary medicine must be reduced.

round table
Götz therefore calls "finally talk to each other instead of each other" and proposes both Minister of Agriculture Schmidt and Minister of Health Gröhe, the interest groups to one „round table“ to call. This will now be implemented by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture on 4 December. According to Götz, the aim is "that veterinarians and doctors work together for a restrictive use of antibiotics and develop effective solutions". (Jp)

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