Connection between aircraft noise and diseases

Connection between aircraft noise and diseases / Health News

Aircraft noise and health

Connection between aircraft noise and diseases: Prof. Dr. med. med. Eberhard Greiser, director of the Bremen Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine (BIPS) until 2004, sees a connection between nocturnal aircraft noise and drug consumption.

Greiser spoke as project leader and author of an epidemiological study on January 7, 2010 in front of about 400 people at an event of the initiative „Pro Florsheim“ in the Flörsheim town hall. In an epidemiological study, he examined the connection between nocturnal aircraft noise and drug prescriptions by practicing physicians in the Rheinisch-Bergisch and Rhein-Sieg districts and in Cologne.

Greiser and his team were able to prove in their study that the prescription of certain medications such as cardiovascular medications, tranquilizers, hypotensives, sleeping pills and antidepressants increases with the intensity of nocturnal aircraft noise.

The Troisdorf specialist for internal medicine and chairman of the "Doctors' initiative for undisturbed sleep e.V." Dr. Gerda Noppeney, said in an interview with the Bonner Generalanzeiger that „The causal relationship between hypertension and noise stress has already been scientifically proven“ be and „The current study confirmed these findings by their high number of cases“.

Greiser demanded in his presentation and subsequent interviews, now immediately in the affected regions to make a health examination of the people living there. The Cologne / Bonn airport has an unrestricted night flight permit with two periods in which a particularly large number of aircraft fly: between 23 and one o'clock and between three and five o'clock. (Thorsten Fischer, Naturopath Osteopathy 11.1.2010)