For eye relief, it helps to apply an eye compress every two hours

For eye relief, it helps to apply an eye compress every two hours / Health News
Working on the screen: For relaxation, make an eye press every two hours
More and more people spend a large part of their working time on the computer. If you sit at the desk all day and staring at the screen, not only do you often have complaints such as back pain, but also problems with your eyes. Therefore, one should take more time to relax.

Take a break now and then
Neck tensions, headaches, eyelashes and tired, dry eyes: Hardly a person who works several hours a day on the computer will be spared of such symptoms. In order not to burden your health too much, you should consider some tips and treat yourself from time to time for a little break.

People who work all day on the computer should give their eyes a break to relax at regular intervals. Can also help an eye pressure. (Image: contrastwerkstatt /

Always get up and walk around
To avoid complaints such as back problems through office work as much as possible, health experts recommend, among other things, regular exercise in the office. Employees should always get up and walk around, stretch or even do simple fitness exercises.

Good ergonomics in the workplace also help to minimize health risks in the workplace. For example, you should not sit too close to the screen.

Constant staring at the monitor
The constant staring at the monitor is an enormous burden for the eyes. Experts advise sufferers to take a break from their eyes regularly, close them for a moment and then let their gaze wander into the distance.

In addition, one should always wink, because the eyes otherwise dry out quickly. If this is the case, you should use drops, if at all, only with caution. According to experts, the preservatives in the eye drops can also cause damage to the eye such as chronic inflammation of the ocular surface.

Pressur for the relaxation of the eyes
In the current issue of the journal "Der Naturarzt" (December 2016), screen workers are advised to a pressurizer to relax their eyes. This should be done best every two hours.

The eyes are closed and the elbows are supported on the desk. Then place your palms over your eyes, resting your palms on the bone under your eyes. Afterwards, light pressure on the eyes is applied for a few minutes with the hands. (Ad)