Tongue covering the most common cause of bad breath

Tongue covering the most common cause of bad breath / Health News

Bacterial tongue evidence is the most common cause of bad breath


Every fourth German occasionally suffers from halitosis - halitosis. Unpleasant smelling breath arises to 90 per cent by odor-forming tongue coverings, settling of certain bacteria in gaps and periodontal pockets, carious lesions and periimplantitis. Although many are affected, nobody likes to talk about bad breath. „Once the causes of halitosis have been clarified, individual treatment concepts provide fresh breath. Halitosis can also be well-controlled by daily use of prophylactic aids“, explains Dr. Giedre Matuliene, Specialist in Periodontics and Implantology, the people affected in Hamburg practice Thomsen & colleagues offers a special halitosis consultation.

Since the human nose quickly gets used to its own odors, patients do not perceive their own bad breath. Dentists provide reliable information and create a breath log for diagnosis with the aid of a measuring device, the so-called Halimeter. They measure the breath from the mouth and nose separately to determine if the cause of bad breath is inside or outside the oral cavity. A detailed medical history completes the breathing protocol. Other important indications for the treatment provide dentists tongue covering indices. On the basis of a three-level scale, they show whether tongue coating is present and how strong it is. Which areas are affected by plaque reveals a division of the tongue into six different areas. Play odor-forming plaque an essential role, there is a professional teeth cleaning and the necessary further treatment. Finally, dentists teach their patients how to improve their daily oral care in the future.

Daily cleaning of the tongue is one of the most important measures to eliminate halitosis. With its rough surface, it offers ideal living conditions for bacteria whose uncontrolled growth causes teeth to become contaminated again after brushing. Patients already suffering from periodontal disease will be aggravated by this. „When used daily, tongue cleaners ensure a healthy oral cavity and permanently fresh breath“, knows Dr. Matuliene. „Especially important during use: if possible, clean the majority of the tongue surface. Because, especially in the rear depressions of the rough tongue caused by decomposition processes sulfur compounds that cause unpleasant odor.“ Toothpaste and mouthwashes with antibacterial effects help with cleaning, but dental floss and interdental brushes are also part of daily oral care. They eliminate bacterial plaque and thoroughly clean interdental spaces.