Increase in TBE cases due to tick bites

Increase in TBE cases due to tick bites / Health News

TBE cases almost doubled by tick bites


The number of meningitis caused by a tick bite has risen again in Bavaria. Nearly twice as many people in 2013 have been infected with TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) in the Free State in comparison to the previous year. Experts recommend vaccination.

Number of cases in Bavaria almost doubled
The meningitis caused by a tick bite has risen again in Bavaria. Compared to the previous year, in the Free State of 2013, the number of people infected with TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) has almost doubled. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), there were 175 reported FSME cases in Bavaria last year. The year before, there were 90 cases and in 2011, 178 diseases were counted. Therefore, the association TBE network advised on Tuesday in Nuremberg, to be vaccinated.

Experts recommend vaccination
As the neurologist Frank Erbguth from the Nuremberg Hospital said it was a, according to a message from the news agency dpa „roulette“, whether one suffers from a tick bite on the TBE virus. Two to five percent of the ticks statistically carry the virus. In contrast to borreliosis, also transmitted by ticks, there is no treatment against the cause of FSME. Only a relief of flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache or vomiting is possible. Experts advise inhabitants of risk areas and also those who are on holiday to vaccinate, in order to protect themselves against the viral infectious disease.

TBE virus attacks nervous system
Although an infection is usually mild, the TBE virus attacks the human central nervous system, affecting the brain, meninges and spinal cord. In severe cases, sufferers may experience paralysis, loss of consciousness and extreme pain. Patients rarely die from the effects of brain or meningitis. The chairwoman of the TBE network, Evelyn Bachmann warned: „Those who are out there should protect themselves.“ She fell ill even eight years ago, the pain was unbearable. „It was a nightmare to stay awake“, Sun the 52-year-old. She had, as after a stroke, many things to learn again. „It was unclear if I could walk again“, so Bachmann. (Ad)