Sugar substitutes Artificial sweeteners change the sense of taste

Sugar substitutes Artificial sweeteners change the sense of taste / Health News
Sweeteners change the taste: If the fruit is not sweet enough for children
Artificial sweeteners have a high sweetness and hardly any calories. Therefore, Saccharin & Co. can assist in weight control. There is also evidence that replacing sugar with sweeteners can help with weight loss.

In the long term and for people who do not want to lose weight, regular consumption of artificially sweetened products is not recommended. Because the intake of sweeteners changes the perception of taste, says Susan Jebb, professor of nutrition and health at Oxford University in England. Webb advocated prudent use of artificial sweeteners in nutrition during a panel discussion at the Cheltenham Science Festival.

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Especially children quickly get used to the extreme sweetness of calorie-reduced drinks, sweets and desserts. Over time, the craving for sweet foods increases. The natural sweetness of fruits is no longer perceived, which can lead to reduced consumption of fresh fruit. "Young kids like to eat fruits with natural yoghurt until they've tasted a yoghurt sweetened with sugar or sweetener," says Jebb. If the diet is changed, but the palate will return to a healthy taste sensation.
Sweeteners have 30 to 13,000 times more sweetness than table sugar and hardly any calories. They are considered as food additives and therefore have an E number. In the food industry, the use of certain products is limited and prohibited, for example, for baby food. Heike cross, aid