At Christmas, there will be a pill for free

At Christmas, there will be a pill for free / Health News

U. Kingdom: There is Christmas „Pill afterwards“ free


German gynecologists are shocked: In Britain, women can „Pill afterwards“ order until Christmas for free and without medical examination on the Internet. The background is a campaign by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), a counseling organization for abortions.

The campaign „Pill afterwards“
Background of BPAS's large-scale campaign is the rising number of teenage pregnancies and abortions of minors in the UK, which is not higher in any Western European country. The consulting organization justifies their „Christmas campaign“ with the fact that in January more unwanted pregnant women come to the counseling centers than in all other months.

In the UK, teenagers and women can „Pill afterwards“ Acquire without prescription in drugstores. It costs about 30 euros and is difficult for many teenagers to finance. In addition, she is difficult to obtain on public holidays, informs the BPAS. That's why it can be downloaded for free on the Internet at (until Christmas) „Santa Claus is coming“) can be ordered via a simple form. Shortly after sending the order, a nurse calls back to identify in particular the under-16s. If there is no objection, the BPAS will send you a package of condoms, a brochure and Levonelle, who „Pill afterwards“. This should prevent ovulation or egg implantation for up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

promotes „Pill afterwards“ irresponsible behavior?
The idea of ​​the BPAS, before the holidays the „Pill afterwards“ Free distribution to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but reaps a lot of criticism. Is it not more responsible to prevent, for example, with condoms or birth control pills, instead of providing with the „Pill afterwards“? Does not such a campaign lead to irresponsible, unprotected sex when the „Pill afterwards“ already waiting in the drawer? Abigail Fitzgibbon from BPAS answers to Spiegel Online as follows: „ It's good if the woman knows she has the pill in the closet. It has something to do with responsibility to prevent an unwanted pregnancy „Pill afterwards“ promotes irresponsible behavior, refutes Fitzgibbon as follows: „Not at all. Contraceptives also fail within a marriage. Half of the women who have abortions in the UK are mothers. People do not plan unplanned sex, they do not pretend to be bad. Not even if they are the „Pill afterwards“ lying in the closet.“

Much criticism of the campaign
The campaign is heavily criticized by politicians, doctors and associations. In addition to the charge that the „Pill afterwards“ as easy to get as a pizza, for example, are the health concerns in the forefront of the review. who the „Pill afterwards“ as an emergency contraceptive, should be accompanied by a doctor, as it can lead to severe side effects such as headache and nausea.

The professional association of gynecologists reports: „Steroid hormones for emergency contraception are not any drugs, but highly effective and therefore indicated to be prescribed substances. They absolutely require medical know-how and support. This is even more important because e.g. the dose of levonorgestrel (PiDaNa °) is 15 times the usual daily dose of birth control pills or 100 times that of hormone replacement products for menopausal symptoms.“ In Germany, the „Pill afterwards“ prescription. (Ag)

Image: Jetti Kuhlemann