Too strong fish fits taste-intense wine

Too strong fish fits taste-intense wine / Health News

Strong wine is the ideal companion for oily fish


The German Wine Institute (DWI) gives tips on the topic „Fish & Wine - A fine combination "- this is the title of a new brochure in which wine experts present the ideal combination of the two, and explains how to choose the right wine for fish dishes, because it is not always white wine as a traditional accompaniment to fish his.

Which wine is best for fish??
Generally, white wines are very suitable for fish creations. But you can also use low tannin, light red or rosé wines, as the DWI explained in his booklet. According to the wine experts, there are some basic rules that keep you on the safe side with wine selection.

Lean fish should be consumed with a more flavorful wine in combination with a more subtle, fatty fish. Dry wine is usually best, but certain dishes, such as fish with a cream sauce or a farce, can also be accompanied by semi-dry wines. Then the sweetish flavors are better expressed.

Roasted, grilled or baked fish benefit from a rosé or a light, low-tannin, well ripened red wine like a black Riesling. A fine-dry rosé, for example, also goes very well with chicory crab cocktail. For carp, the DWI recommends a spicy Müller-Thurgau and poached, steamed and steamed fish such as pollock or cod a dry white wine such as Pinot Blanc or Silvana. So the latter is the ideal companion of grilled sea bass with herb butter. (Ag)

Picture: Günther Schad