Celiac Gluten passes through utensils such as pots or tea towels in our food

Celiac Gluten passes through utensils such as pots or tea towels in our food / Health News
Pots, tea towels and co: contamination with gluten on kitchen utensils
People who suffer from gluten intolerance (celiac disease) have to eat a consistently gluten-free diet for life, in order to have no complaints and to avoid long-term consequences. Also with kitchen utensils caution is appropriate.

Those affected must avoid foods containing gluten for life
According to estimates, about one percent of the German population suffers from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). It is a chronic disease of the small intestine, which is caused by a lifelong intolerance to the Gluten gluten. If you take gluten-containing foods, typical symptoms such as abdominal pain, flatulence, and a fatty stool appear. In addition to the acute symptoms also long-term impairments. Therapy is currently not available. Only a strict avoidance of gluten whitening, which is found in many cereals and processed foods, can help.

People who suffer from celiac disease must permanently abstain from gluten-containing foods in order to avoid disease symptoms. When it comes to kitchen hygiene, you have to be extra careful. (Image: Africa Studio / fotolia / com)

Always thoroughly clean kitchen utensils
In addition, those affected must also pay a lot of attention in the kitchen. For example, worktops, cookware and bakeware should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contamination with gluten. Furthermore, dishwashing and tea towels should always be free from flour dust. This is pointed out by the magazine "Lebensmittelpraxis" in its current issue (10/16). "Work tools made of wood (chopping boards, wooden spoons, etc.) and grain mills should be used exclusively for gluten-free preparation or use, since their cleaning is difficult," write the experts on their website. And when cooking, frying or frying gluten-free foods should not be cooked in the same cooking water or frying fat as gluten-containing foods. (Ad)