Make teeth brighter. That's how lightening works

Make teeth brighter. That's how lightening works / Health News
Who does not know them, the white and radiant teeth of the stars? They are almost perfect, as for example with Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Co. The beautiful teeth do not turn on their own. The possibilities of lightening teeth are shown here.
Can teeth be white like snow? Only rarely can the teeth be kept white, of course: red wine, cigarettes or tea discolour the teeth. A relatively new way to whiten teeth is called "veneers." The dentist can apply this.

White teeth are no secret. Image: Nobilior - fotolia

Ideal dentition should be white and complete
Teeth should be as white as snow and string together seamlessly. For many people, this wishful thinking unfortunately does not coincide with reality. For example, the teeth are discolored by tea or red wine, are not close to each other or one of the front teeth is a small piece broken off. But you can do something about that. For example, the dentist can help with veneers. However, these are not cheap and can also cause problems.

Change shape and color of teeth
"Veneer" means translate from English. These are thin casings for the teeth, which are manufactured individually. Both color and shape of teeth can be changed with it. "As a rule, they are made of ceramic materials," said the dentist and university teacher Dietmar Oesterreich, as the news agency dpa reports. Austria is also Vice President of the Federal Dental Association in Berlin. Gregor Bornes of the Independent Patient Counseling Germany (UPD) added: "Veneers can also be made of plastic."

Improve the visual impression of the tooth front
"Veneers are primarily desired for aesthetic reasons," said Austria. Medical reasons do not always play a role. "Usually, the front teeth are covered with veneers," said Bornes. As a result, the visual impression of the tooth front can improve. Veneers should be considered especially if teeth can not be treated with bleaches because of the nature of the discoloration. Austria said: "Veneers should be used when the tooth structure is not completely destroyed and a crown is not yet necessary."

Not suitable for all people
Some people should refrain from veneers according to experts. Among other things, those who crunch at night with their teeth but also those who tend to bite or bite on pencils when biting. "With such behavior, there is a risk that veneers can easily be reversed," explained Bornes. Regina Behrendt of the consumer center NRW in Dusseldorf added that those who do not want to do without veneers despite grinding their teeth have to wear a rail at night.

Cladding is glued on teeth
With a special adhesive technique, the thin cladding with a circumference of often only half a millimeter attached to the teeth. "Before that, however, the affected tooth usually has to be ground down," Behrendt said. Bornes said veneers should "not apply too thick and look like applied fingernails". Years ago, some experts pointed out that the prejudice that it was lost much tooth substance, no longer apply. New veneers are said to be much thinner than conventional veneers and are glued directly to the tooth surface. Most of the time, this improved material requires little or no sanding. As a result, important tooth substance is preserved and teeth are spared.

Patient usually has to pay for treatment himself
Not all professionals see this as uncritical. So Bornes said that veneers go to the teeth to the substance - even to the healthy. The teeth are now ground. "In addition, at the contact points between tooth and veneer attack surfaces for bacteria, so that dental disease can follow," said Behrendt. That's why veneers need to be taken care of very carefully. "But the dentist should educate the patient on everything, both risks and the right care," says Oesterreich. The costs can vary greatly. "They depend on the material, effort and merit interest of the dentist," said Bornes. According to Oesterreich, the statutory health insurance companies participate only in exceptional cases in the costs. "With an anterior tooth, a veneer can cost up to € 1,000 and more," said Behrendt. One should therefore necessarily seek the offer of more dentists and compare.

Filling or dental crown as an alternative
As a rule, veneers last between five and ten years. However, they can not be easily removed, but must be replaced either by a new veneer or by a dental crown. "That requires further costs and medical intervention," warned Behrendt. According to Bornes, the durability of veneers in individual cases can also be less than five years. From the perspective of Austria, a plastic filling or a dental crown may be a possible alternative to a veneer. However, this depends in particular on the degree of destruction of the tooth substance or on the change of the tooth shape or tooth color. "A crown is durable, but results in a higher tooth substance loss," said Bornes. It should only be done when medical reasons, such as the danger to the tooth's nerve, speak in favor of it.

Make teeth whiter
"When it comes to whitening your teeth, bleaching, or whitening, may be enough." The teeth are lightened with chemicals. "If the edges of the teeth are severely worn, then you can try it - similar to a filling - with plastic abutments," said Bornes. Austria emphasized that patients should seek advice from their dentist before deciding. So-called "whitening" tooth creams do not help to get whiter teeth. For example, tests have shown that those who do not have white teeth by nature do not get them from whitening toothpastes. (Sb)