Ten percent of new school students are overweight

Ten percent of new school students are overweight / Health News

Ten percent of new school students are overweight.

(06.08.2010) The evaluation of the results of the school entrance examination 2009 with data on body height and weight of the freshmen in Hessen showed that 10.6 percent of the children weigh too much. 6.2 percent are overweight and another 4.4 percent are even classified as obese (obesity), said the State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Labor, Family and Health Petra Müller-Klepper (CDU). The students in Hesse were also once more clear that children from families with a migrant background are more likely to suffer from obesity. The risk of simple obesity is increased by 1.5 times, the risk of obesity even twice as high as in the case of local children Müller-Klepper and continued to lead from the currently about every sixth immigrant child in Hesse was overweight.

Due to the extremely worrying results, the state government is forced to act and relies on the interaction of health promotion and prevention in order to positively influence the nutritional and physical activity of young people. Because healthy nutrition and a lot of exercise are the essential keys to stopping the spread of overweight and obesity, Mrs. Müller-Klepper emphasized. For this reason, the Hessian Ministry of Health has also launched the project 'Healthy Living - Staying Healthy', which sets its priorities here. In parallel, Hessen participates in the National Action Plan "IN FORM" to counter the problem of overweighting at all levels of society to step…

Obesity (obesity) is widespread as a disease of civilization in Western societies and cause numerous sequelae. So z. B. caused by obesity in the increased inner abdominal fat inflammation, diabetes, heart attacks and cancers. In addition, the risk increases: cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension (hypertension), diabetes mellitus type 2 (age diabetes, diabetes), reflux, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, strokes, breast cancer, arthritis and osteoarthritis, joint pain, degenerative spinal disorders, gallbladder disease, gout, etc Overweight may also cause high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders or sugar metabolism disorders in children. For example, the German Obesity Society estimates that about 5% of health spending in Western industrial nations is spent on the treatment of obesity and its consequences. (Fp)

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