Dental health Periodontitis should always be prevented

Dental health Periodontitis should always be prevented / Health News
Avoid periodontal disease, but how? Dentist: Thorough dental hygiene helps to prevent periodontal disease
Periodontitis (not to be confused with periodontal disease) is very common. The disease can lead to irreversible destruction of the periodontium. In addition, periodontitis promotes a number of systemic diseases. The provision is very simple.

Periodontal disease more common than tooth decay
Periodontitis as a chronic inflammation of the periodontium apparatus is, according to Dietmar Oesterreich of the Federal Dental Association more widespread than the generally dreaded tooth decay. The disease is characterized by symptoms such as bleeding gums, sensitive necks, gum recession, bad breath and loose teeth. If the periodontal disease is not treated, is expected to spread inflammation and a corresponding bone loss, which threatens not only the loss of teeth but at worst a systemic disease caused by the inflammation, warns the expert.

Sudden pain when chewing hard, sweet, sour or cold has various causes (Nobilior /

Bleeding gums and bad breath warning signs of periodontal disease
As soon as signs of periodontal disease such as bleeding gums or sensitive necks of teeth occur, sufferers should urgently consult a dentist, because the most chronic inflammation is associated with a significant health risk, warns. Dietmar Oesterreich, Vice President of the Federal Dental Association. Bacteria in the mouth lead to an infection whose initially barely noticeable symptoms gradually pass into a chronic disease.

These bacteria "do not hover around in the oral cavity, but stick in a so-called biofilm on the teeth," said Sabine Köhler of the Medical Advisory Service of the dentists. Dr. According to Austria, too many people think: "That little bleeding of the gums does not matter." Those concerned should be aware that once all the teeth are affected, there is a "hand-wounded permanent wound" in the oral cavity, "through the bacteria into the body can reach and against which the body has to defend itself, "said the expert.

Causes of periodontitis
In addition to a lack of oral hygiene, smoking, stress and genetic disposition are the main causes of periodontitis, but other general diseases may also play a role. If the plaque is not carefully removed in the niche between the gum and tooth during tooth cleaning, the metabolic products of the bacteria attack the junctional epithelium and the inflammation known as periodontitis occurs.

According to the experts, around 40 percent of people in Germany are affected by moderate periodontitis, with the risk of disease increasing significantly with increasing age and almost all Germans suffering from periodontitis in old age. Sabine Köhler emphasized that in older patients more teeth must be pulled because of periodontitis than due to tooth decay. The most chronic inflammation can be avoided, however, if the first symptoms are already being treated with the appropriate treatment. Dietmar Oesterreich.

Measures for the treatment of periodontitis
To prevent the spread of periodontitis is according to the experts above all a thorough dental care the measure of things. In addition, according to Sabine Köhler, regular visits to the dentist are recommended. In the case of people who "regularly go to the dentist for precautionary measures, they will recognize the onset of periodontitis". In addition, regular professional teeth cleaning can help to reduce bacterial load in the mouth and prevent the onset of chronic inflammation.

In a professional tooth cleaning, the deposits are removed from the teeth, which also counteracts a gum decline and thus the open tooth necks. (Image: K.-U. Häßler /

The dentists are in the presence of periodontitis a variety of technical procedures available to remove the biofilm from the teeth and to clean the periodontal pockets, explains Austria. In addition, in acute inflammation mouthwash based on the agent chlorhexidine recommended to kill the bacteria in the mouth germs. If the periodontal disease is already too advanced, if necessary, parts of the inflamed gums must be surgically removed, added the expert.

The treatment of periodontitis usually carries the health insurance, with the so-called Periodontal Screening Index (PSI) for the detection of periodontitis every two calendar years of the statutory health insurance (GKV) is taken.

Periodontitis in naturopathy
In addition to the dental procedure, naturopathy knows various methods with which already successes in the treatment of periodontitis have been achieved. For example, naturopathy recommends a treatment with fresh plant drops (from sage, chamomile, horsetail, coneflower, poplar peppermint oil) for mouthwash, the gemmo-therapy with a currant-bud-macerate as oral spray, the phytotherapy with calendula tea or tinctures for mouthwash also methods for regulating the acid-base balance and acupuncture massages according to Prenzel. In addition, in the natural healing periodontitis is also associated with the diet and certain problems in the intestine, so that a diet change is part of the naturopathic treatment approaches. (Sb, fp)