Numerous people with alleged Ayurvedic drugs poisoned

Numerous people with alleged Ayurvedic drugs poisoned / Health News
Mercury, lead, arsenic: Germans in Sri Lanka poisoned with Ayurvedic medicine
Sri Lanka is a popular country with Ayurveda followers. On the island in the Indian Ocean, there are numerous facilities that offer Ayurvedic cures. According to a media report, several Germans have been seriously poisoned in such a spa stay.

Poisoned at the spa
Many people from the Western world travel to Sri Lanka to be treated there with the ancient Indian healing art Ayurveda. The method, also known as "knowledge of life", which includes special massage techniques, yoga, nutritional science and herbal medicine, is offered in numerous hotels on the island. Many Europeans also travel there. For two German couples this had dramatic consequences. As the "mirror" reports, they have poisoned during a spa stay in Sri Lanka.

Alleged natural remedies were poison. Picture: txakel - fotolia

Increased arsenic, lead or mercury levels
According to the two married couples from North Rhine-Westphalia, elevated arsenic, lead or mercury levels were measured. "The poisoning is significant," said Siddhartha Popat, a general practitioner from Sankt Katharinen (Rhineland-Palatinate), who treated the patients, compared to the "mirror". "They have stomach cramps, diarrhea, headaches, hair loss and forgetfulness." It is said that the couple had been prescribed various ayurvedic medications in February in the same spa hotel in southern Sri Lanka as a woman from Hamburg who was with them Ayurvedic tablets had been lethally poisoned.

Owner of the spa hotel meanwhile in Germany
According to the report, one of the men involved in the prosecution Aachen has filed criminal charges against the German owner of the spa hotel. This is meanwhile in Germany and has given drug samples to a local laboratory. Meanwhile, another German has been poisoned in another Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka. As Tobias Meyer, head physician of the Nephrology of the Asklepios clinic Barmbek in Hamburg reported, she suffers after her return now under "weight loss, fatigue and performance loss". According to the "Spiegel" report, the patient swallowed black Ayurveda globules for three weeks - the mercury content of which, according to an analysis in Hamburg, was 2.31-million times higher than the permitted standard.

Heavy metals as part of ayurvedic medications Mercury poisoning can lead to kidney and liver damage. In addition, the toxic heavy metal is suspected to increase the risk of heart attack, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. For example, lead can cause serious damage to the nervous system, blood formation and kidneys. In addition, lead poisoning can also result in impaired fertility. Some Ayurvedic medicines are made from medicinal plants, gems, minerals and heavy metals, according to traditional Indian teachings. (Ad)