Number of children with diabetes is increasing rapidly

Number of children with diabetes is increasing rapidly / Health News

World Diabetes Day: Number of children with type 1 diabetes is increasing rapidly


Researchers found that the number of children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes has grown rapidly in the last 15 years. In general, an increase in diabetes is observed, with the causes of the type 2 disease are often found in a lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and obesity. The causes of type 1 diabetes are scientifically still largely unexplained.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus
In the autoimmune diabetes type one, the metabolism is massively disturbed. It comes to the destruction of beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas by the body's immune system. The Langerhans Islands measure the blood sugar level and produce insulin. If, like type 1 diabetes, these cells are destroyed, insulin will no longer be produced. Since insulin is the only hormone in the body that can lower blood sugar levels, type 1 diabetes causes a drastic increase in blood sugar levels. The cause of this disease is the involvement of different genes. Furthermore, environmental factors such as early childhood nutrition and infections are also increasing.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus
Type II diabetes is characterized by the fact that although sufficient endogenous insulin is produced, it can not be taken up by the cells. One speaks of a so-called insulin resistance. While the pancreas can compensate for this by initially increasing the production of the blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin, there is nevertheless a drastic increase in blood sugar levels after some time since the pancreas can not maintain the increased production. This disease is dubbed Type 2 Diabetes.

As a result of this disease is considered primarily unhealthy diet and lack of exercise with obesity as a result. In addition to a drug therapy, weight loss and exercise is essential. In some cases even the administration of medication can be dispensed with.

Diabetes in children
Michael Hummel, Diabetologist and Deputy Chairman of the Research Unit Diabetes eV at the Helmholtz Center in Munich summarizes the subject as follows: "There is more and more obesity in children, that's why type 2 diabetes increases in children too Type 2 diabetes - an increased insulin resistance fostered by improper nutrition is the trigger for this - he is usually developed from childhood out What must be said clearly: When talking about children and diabetes, the type 1 is in the foreground. This is the most common disease in childhood, but it also increases significantly. "

Among the consequences of diabetes can i.a. Stroke and heart attack belong. Worried parents, therefore, want better education to prevent this disease among their children.

Preventive measures
Unfortunately, scientists have been able to make specific recommendations for prevention only for type 2 diabetes. The causes of type 1 diabetes are still largely unexplained. However, the use of immunosuppressants is currently being researched to delay the course of the disease and to protect the beta cells of insulin-producing cells. Mothers from families with a hereditary predisposition to type 1 diabetes advises diabetologist Prof. Hellmut Mehnert to breastfeed their children and not to provide gluten-free food too soon.

In general, a healthy lifestyle applies to the u.a. A balanced diet and a lot of exercise are considered beneficial to health. Yesterday took place under the slogan „Act now!“ The World Diabetes Day was held, when more exercise was called for. On the one hand, this can prevent a diabetes diagnosis, on the other hand, it also helps sufferers to maintain their quality of life despite the long-term intake of medication. (Sb)

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